Known as the ‘City of Joy’, even Kolkata can’t lose its luster if you have seen enough of it. People need novelty and variety, time and again, to keep their life exciting and lively. If you seek to escape the Monotony and Dullness of your Daily Routine and take a break from this Mundane City Life, we bring the Ultimate Bucket list of Weekend Getaways from Kolkata.

Weekend Getaways from Kolkata

However, people who have been living here for an extended period require exploring out of the city boundaries into some exciting destination awaiting them. Here are some Top 10 Weekend Getaways near Kolkata to bring a solution to breaking the monotony of the residents of Kolkata.


Digha - Weekend Getaways from Kolkata

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Located in the East Midnapur district in West Bengal, Digha is a Blissful Beach Town and is one of the perfect weekend getaways from Kolkata. It is a popular tourist destination for you to spend a pleasurable weekend with your loved ones. The Seashore is lined with lush green Casuarina Trees which offer a magnificent view to people who love serenity and nature. Many areas are relatively untouched and faced minimal human impact, making them a Pleasurable Experience for Tourists. It is the Most Popular Sea Resort in Bengal. The seafood offered in Digha is mouth-watering and a delicacy for your taste buds.


Sunderbans - Weekend Getaways from Kolkata

If you want an Adventurous Trip, nothing is better than the famous Sundarbans. It is the home of the Majestic Royal Bengal Tiger. It is the largest Mangrove Forest and the Largest Delta in the whole world. You can reach here from Kolkata in just 3 hours if you travel by train or by road. Sundarbans is the best weekend getaways near Kolkata in the months from October to March. You can witness the splendid beauty of nature.

Sunderans Tiger - Weekend Getaways from Kolkata

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You can even Spot a Tiger if you are lucky enough. You can visit the Sajnekhali Watch Tower to gaze at the abundant wildlife, or simply enjoy the trip in a boat in the midst of Matla River.


Puri - Weekend Getaways near Kolkata

Recharge your tired soul and Experience Tranquility at the Beaches in Puri, Odisha. Puri is the most popular beach in Eastern India. Extending over fifteen km, it resembles a conch shell. You can contact the Local Fishermen, also known as ‘Nulias’ if you want to go into Deeper Waters for fun.

Konark Sun Temple Puri - Weekend Getaways from Kolkata

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It is one the most frequented weekend getaways from Kolkata due to other tourist attractions apart from its famous beach. Nature enthusiasts cherish their visit to the Chilka Lake– the largest salt-water lagoon, and the Nandan Kanan Zoo. You can enjoy the magnificent architecture of the Konark Sun Temple. Udaygiri, Dolphin point, and others are a treat for sight-seeing.


Bakkhali - Weekend Getaways from Kolkata

If you want to take a break from the commercialization and the crowd of your city, Bakkhali is a Hidden Treasure for Nature-Lovers. It is situated at the extreme south part in West Bengal. It is approximately 132 km away from Kolkata. You can enjoy a walk on the Mesmerizing Beach with rippling waves pacifying your mood, or explore the Bonbibi temple situated in the heart of Dense Casuarina Trees. The Crocodile Propagation Center and the Windmill in Frasergunj are the major attractions of this tourist destination.


Shankarpur - Weekend Getaways from Kolkata

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If you want to experience a serene and calm weekend, Shankarpur is the perfect destination for you. You can get away from the cacophony and hustle-bustle of the crowds and noise of the city at this sea beach in West Bengal. It is located in the East Midnapore district and is approximately 16 km away from the Popular Digha Beach. It is just 180 km from Kolkata and can be reached in about 4 hours by road. Spend some time in the ecstatic solitude of Shankarpur and rejuvenate your inner peace.


Nabadwip - Weekend Getaways near Kolkata

Nabadwip is located in the Naida district in West Bengal and as it name suggests means Nine Islands.  It is known for the various temples and festivals celebrated distinctly in the region.  On the occasion of Sri Nabadwip- Mandala Parikrama it is visited by a large number of devotees belonging to different sects like Shaktas, Vaishnavas, and Shivaites.

In addition, the Rash festival is another important one celebrated in the month of November. The availability of buses, trains, and flights make it an attractive one of the weekend getaways from Kolkata. The best time of its exploration is cited from October to March.


Bishnupur - Weekend Getaways from Kolkata

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Bishnupur is primarily known across the country for its Famous Terracotta Temples to complement the artistically flourishing town.   It served as the capital of Mallabhum kingdom which has led to it being surrounded by old fortifications towards its protection. Located at a distance of 151 km from Kolkata it is accessible within 3-4 hours via train.

It perfectly satisfies the hunger of every art and craft lover along with being dotted by temples as well as religious buildings in the form of Pancha Ratna temple, Dalmadol Kaman, and the Madanmohan temple. The latter being designed in ekatarana style having square flat roofs with carved cornices.  It thus serves as one of the most popular weekend getaways near Kolkata.


Bardhaman - Weekend Getaways from Kolkata

Bardhaman is a classic Bengali Town at a Convergence of Nature, religion and various man- made structures across various locations. It is within a reasonable distance of 102 km from the city and a perfect destination for one to capture his/her peace and tranquility. Surrounded by Religious Structures it also serves as a great Pilgrim Destination and another one among the great weekend getaways from Kolkata. The Place is also Known for its popular Ramakrishna Mission Ashram.


Chandannagar - Weekend Getaways from Kolkata

Located at a mere distance of 46 km from the city Chandannagar was a small town under the rule of the Nawabs before its French takeover. It was later capitalized upon by the British rendering it a unique history with some great cultural impressions to explore.

It is located at a distance of 35 km north of Kolkata and maintains its unique identity through its distinct characteristics. The Chandannagar Strand, Sacred Heart church, Nandadulal Temple as well as the French cemetery is its main tourist spots. Jagaddhatri Puja is a major socio-cultural event in the region.


Raichak - Weekend Getaways from Kolkata

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Another great weekend away from Kolkata is Raichak at a distance of 55 km from the city. It allows a Serene Escapade into this Riverside Town for a peaceful and relaxing holiday. It serves as a paradise for photographers and people who appreciate architecture alike.

Located on the banks of the Hooghly River it is a small town in the Diamond Harbour. Radisson Fort following its collapse was converted into a Lively 5 Star Hotel called Raichak on the Ganges allowing a scenic view of the river as well as adventurous activities like the Raichak jetty. Having a total population of 1,243 people it sets a calm, Serene Background away from the vibrant life of the city.

Whether you take a break from your Tedious Work Life, or just enjoy a trip over the holidays, these tourist destinations are sure to soothe your mind and refresh your spirit. If you do not take time for yourself in the middle of this hectic life, it is certainly a time management issue you are facing. These are the best of all possible weekend getaways from Kolkata and this is no less from any foreign countries and that is a promise.