Chennai has a Rich Heritage, which dates back to at least 3,000 years. It is one of the Most Popular Tourist Destinations in India visited by a number of domestic and international travelers every year. Moreover, it is one of the IT hubs in India, where lots of people work on the tiring work schedule. Everyone needs to energize themselves after a hectic week. In order to do so, there are lots of Weekend Getaways from Chennai through which you can feel relaxed and give you the energy to face the upcoming week.

Weekend Getaways From Chennai -

We have made a list of the Top 20 destinations near Chennai where you visit in this upcoming week.

  1. Mahabalipuram- Tamil Nadu, 52 Km



Mahabalipuram is ranked as one of the World Heritage sites due to its fascinating and amazing marvels. It is generally a treat for the travelers near Chennai. The top attractions of this beautiful town are Five Rathas, The Shore Temple, Arjun’s Penance and much more. A festival named as Mamallapuram Dance Festival is organized here, which should not be missed by anyone visiting Mahabalipuram.

Ideal time to visit: December to March

  1. Tirupati – Andhra Pradesh, 135KM

Tirupati - Weekend Getaways from Chennai


Tirupati is one of the most amazing Weekend Getaways from Chennai for the history and archeology lovers. There are millions of people who came every year to visit the rich pilgrimage centers of the city. The main attractions of the town are Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam Temple, Venkateswara Temple, and Silathoranam Rock Bridge. The major activity enjoyed by the tourists in Tirupati is sightseeing as city consists of many historical monuments.

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Ideal time to visit: September to March

  1. Pondicherry – 171 KM

 Pondicherry - Weekend Getaways from Chennai


Pondicherry is a former French colony which still carries its ancient look and aura. It is a perfect treat to explore this location by renting a cycle and ride across the city. The major attractions of the city are Promenade Beach, Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Paradise Beach. The French style houses and beautiful lanes flanked by trees makes Pondicherry a must visit the place. The adventure lovers can indulge in activities such as Scuba Jumping, Scuba Diving, and Surfing.

Ideal time to visit: October to May

  1. Vellore – Tamil Nadu, 136 Km

Vellore - Weekend Getaways from Chennai


Vellore is an ideal mixture of rich cultural heritage sites and picturesque scenery. It is one of the best weekend getaways from Chennai allowing tourists to indulge in different sightseeing activities and exploring historical sites. The major attractions of the city are Vellore Fort, Jalakanteswara Temple, Srilakshmi Golden Temple, State Government Museum and much more.

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Ideal time to visit: October to March

  1. Nellore – Andhra Pradesh, 177 Km

Nellore - Weekend Getaways from Chennai


It is an ancient city located in the state of Andhra Pradesh. This town exists since the rule of the Mauryan empire and is an exciting location for the history lovers. There are lots of tourist attractions such as Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary, Pulicat Lake, Udaygiri Fort, Satish Dhawan Space Centre and Somasila Dam. The main activities enjoyed by the tourists in Nellore are Bird watching and Sightseeing.

Ideal time to visit: December to February

  1. Kolli Hills – Tamil Nadu, 295 Km

Kolli Hills - weekend destination from Chennai


Kolli Hills is a great weekend destination from Chennai hardly takes 8 hours to reach. The ride consists of 70 hairpin bends along the way and is one of the best Road Trips from Chennai. The tourists can find in a silent and serene locale in this beautiful hill station. The visitors can simply Breathe Deep and enjoy the Absolute Calmness of this Silent Hill Station.

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Ideal time to visit: August to February

  1. Yelagiri – Tamil Nadu, 230 Km

Yelagiri - weekend getaways near Chennai


Yelagiri is one of the Top Trekking Destinations near Chennai and located at an elevation of 3,643 feet. It is a small town having 14 different quaint hamlets nestled amidst dense forest and many stunning hills. This hill station is adorned by the tea estates, green valleys, vibrant gardens and picturesque landscapes. The major attractions of the town are Swami Malai Hills, Nature Park, Punganur Lake and Mughal Garden.

Ideal time to visit: October to February

  1. Yercaud – Tamil Nadu, 358 Km

Yercaud - weekend getaways near Chennai


It is a mystical place cuddled in the verdant green environs and beautiful hills of Salem. The adventure lovers can enjoy activities such as Trekking, Camping, and Sightseeing. The major attractions of the Yercaud are Pagoda Point, Silk Farm & Rose Garden, Kiliyur Waterfalls, Bears Cave, Deer Park, Yercaud Lake, Anna Park and Teak Forest. If you are looking for some relaxing time out of your busy schedule, then escape into the array of Flora and Fauna of this beautiful town.

Ideal time to visit: October to June

  1. Nandi Hills – Karnataka, 358 Km

Nandi Hills - weekend getaways near Chennai.


Nandi Hills is one of the best weekend getaways near Chennai for the romantic lovers. You will be enticed by the charming green allure of these stunning hills. Tourists can get a chance to see a magnificent view of its peaks during the sunrise. The major attractions of this hill station are Tipu’s Summer Palace, Hoskote Lake, Bhoganandeeswara Temple, Tipu’s Top and much more. Visitors can explore the depths and the landscapes of the Nandi Hills by having activities such as cycling, trekking, and wine tour.

Ideal time to visit: November to April

  1. Silent Valley National Park – Kerala, 600 Km

Silent Valley National Park - weekend getaways from Chennai

If you want to explore the silence of the jungle and looking for time off from the environment of the city, then the Silent Valley is the place for you. The nature lovers will get the chance to see inhabitants such as Malabar Giant Squirrel, Leopards, Elephants, and Macaque. The Silent Valley National Park is also home to lots of rare Herbs and Flowers, which consists of many species of orchids. The tourists can opt to unwind at an Ayurvedic resort in the vicinity or opt to stay at a Tree House Resort.

Ideal time to Visit: October to May

  1. Tranquebar – Tamil Nadu, 284 Km

Tranquebar - Best Weekend getaways from chennai


Tranquebar is an amazing town situated at the confluence of the Bay of Bengal and the Kaveri River. Once there were colonies of German, French, and British people and that culture can still be seen here. The major attractions of the town are Danish Museum, Danish Fort, and New Jerusalem Church. The only remnants of the Danish culture in the town are Danes. This place is a paradise for the History Lovers as it was one of the major trading posts in the 17th century.

Ideal time to visit: August to February

  1. Kodaikanal – Tamil Nadu, 518 Km

Kodaikanal - weekend getaways from Chennai


Kodaikanal is one of the most sought weekend getaways from Chennai for the couples. It is known as the Princess of the Hill Stations and features Phenomenal Waterfalls and Beautiful Mountains. The main attractions of this hill station are Moir’s Point, Pillar Rocks, Berijam Lake, Bear Shola Falls, Bryant Parks, Silver Cascade and Chettiar Park. In addition to these beautiful places, tourists can indulge themselves in activities such as Trekking and Walk through the Hills.

Ideal time to visit: September to May

  1. Rameswaram – Tamil Nadu, 553 Km

Rameswaram - weekend getaways from Chennai


Rameswaram is known as one of the holiest places in India and often known as the Varanasi of the south. The city is a pilgrimage center, which is home to many worship places of the country. The major attractions of this city are Ramanathaswamy Temple and Pamban Bridge. The tourists can enjoy the captivating view of the ocean while passing through the Pamban Bridge to reach the Rameswaram. The tourists can explore the rich cultural heritage of the city during their visit.

Ideal time to visit: October to April

  1. Kabini – Kerala, 558 Km

Kabini - weekend getaways from Chennai


If you are a Nature Lover, then there are no better weekend getaways from Chennai than the Kabini. It is an appealing town in which you can lose yourself in the wild. The major attractions of the Kabini are Kumara Parvatha Trek, Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary, Tadiyadamol and Nagarhole National Park. Tadiyadamol is a must visit mountain which can be a delight for the Trekkers. The tourists can go for Trekking or Pitch their Tents in the wild. There is a perfect camping site named as Kabini Backwaters which allow the tourists to enjoy the pristine surroundings.

Ideal time to visit: October to May

  1. Valparai – Tamil Nadu, 573 Km

 Valparai - weekend getaways from Chennai


Valparai is a beautiful town nestled on the Anamalai mountain range. It is a popular weekend getaway from Chennai due to its verdant environs, jaw-dropping landscapes, and green thickets. The biggest attraction of the Valparai is the Anamalai Tiger Reserve or the visitors could cool off in the gushing waters of the several waterfalls situated in the town. There are many lookout points in Valparai from where you can get a panoramic view of the beautiful surroundings.  The tourists can get a view beautiful surroundings and birds watching opportunities by having the trekking through the hills.

Ideal time to visit: July to February

  1. Coorg – Karnataka, 597 Km

Coorg - weekend getaways from Chennai


Coorg is a popular hill station, which can turn out to be one of the perfect weekend getaways from Chennai. There are three wildlife sanctuaries named as Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, Nagarhole National Park and Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary situated in this hill station. Some of the animals found in these sanctuaries are Leopards, Wild Boars, Asiatic Elephant, and Tigers. The adventure lovers can enjoy activities such as Rafting, Water Rappelling, Microlight Flying and much more. Coorg is an ideal place for the Mountaineers and Campers.

Ideal time to visit: September to May

  1. Mysore – Karnataka, 480 Km

Mysore - Weekend Getaways near Chennai

Mysore is known as the city of palaces having Magnificent Monuments, Glittering Royal Heritage and a Friendly Populace. It is an ancient town with a legacy of more than 600 years, making it one of the flamboyant destinations in the country. The major attractions of the Mysore are  Jagmohan Palace, Mysore Palace, Jayalakshmi Vilas, Lalitha Mahal and Rajendra Vilas. All these palaces have been converted into Museums for the pleasure of the tourists. Other notable places to visit are Mysore Zoo, Rail Museum, Brindavan Gardens, Chamundeshwari Temple and Shivasamudram Waterfall.

Ideal time to visit: October to March

  1. Meghamalai – Tamil Nadu, 545 Km

Meghamalai - weekend getaways from Chennai

Meghamalai is one of the most attractive weekend getaways from Chennai located in the Western Ghats of the Tamil Nadu. The city is known as the High Wavy Mountains and known for its Tea gardens and Wild Animals. The main attractions of the city are the Megamalai Wildlife Sanctuary, Cloud Land Falls and much more. The wildlife sanctuary spreads over an expanse of 600 square meters and very popular destination among the tourists.  The major activity enjoyed by the tourists is sightseeing around this gorgeous location.

Ideal time to visit: September to May  

  1. BR Hills – Karnataka, 504 Km

BR Hills -weekend getaways from Chennai


BR Hills is situated at the convergence of the Eastern and Western Ghats in the southwestern portion of the Karnataka. The city is home to a diverse range of flora and flora and a perfect treat for the nature lovers. The major attractions of the BR Hills are Temple of Lord Rangaswamy, Soliga Tribal Hamlets, BR Hills Tiger Reserve and Jenukurba Tribal Hamlets. The major activities enjoyed by the tourists in this hill station are Bird Watching, Mountain Biking, Wildlife Photography, Trekking and Jungle Safari.

Ideal time to visit: June to November

  1. Thekkady – Kerala, 561 Km

 Thekkady - weekend getaways from Chennai


Thekkady is famous for the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, which is a complete blend of the exotic flora and fauna. There are thousands of tourists attracted by the biodiversity of wildlife and scenic beauty of this wildlife sanctuary from over the world every year. The favorite activity of the tourists is elephant rides around the wildlife reserve, which is an experience of a lifetime for many. The tourists can also enjoy plantation rides, trekking, and boat ride in the Thekkady city.

Ideal time to visit: September to March

There are many options offered by this modern world to Relieve Stress from Spas to Cocktail Parties. However, there is nothing like an amazing trip to a beautiful place near Chennai. You should pack your stuff and visit one of these beautiful Weekend Getaways from Chennai to enjoy some wonderful moments with your friends or family. These trips will allow you to eliminate all the stress out of your life and make yourself ready for the upcoming weeks. Visiting one of these places will give you a Well-Deserved Break and gives you a great relief.

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