Thailand is one of the Hottest Travel Destinations in Asia with the many unusual places which attracts millions of foreigners into the country. Despite a significant number of visitors coming from all over the world, the Cultural Integrity of Thailand remains the Identical and Undamaged. It is a nation which avoided getting colonized and maintained the Rich Heritage while also absorbing the influences from West. One need to venture towards the beautiful Places to visit in Thailand to learn more about the Fishing Communities, Traditional Prospect, The Buddhist Temples, Rubber Plantations and much more.

Thailand - 14 Best Places to visit in Amazing Thailand

Thailand is more than the neon lights and high-rises which most often comes to the photos taken by tourists. Here are some of the greatest Tourist Destinations in Thailand and make some happy memories in a beautiful place.

  1. Khao Sok National Park

Khao Sok National Park - Best Places to visit in Thailand

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The Khao Sok National Park is perfectly located between the popular tourist destinations in Thailand, which are Krabi, Phuket, Khao Lak and Koh Samui. This is the place where adventure meets nature and one definitely gets lost in the beauty of the evergreen rainforests. The Khao Sok National Park is one of the Oldest Rainforests in the World. This park has many Serene Lakes which are mesmerizing.

Khao Sok National Park - Top Places to visit in Thailand

If you are a wildlife lover, this is definitely a must visit place for you. There are also many caves in this national park, which you can explore. For an adventurous soul, this is a perfect place with overnight safaris, elephant safaris, canoeing, hiking, trekking and much more. This place is a nature photographer’s heaven as it has a variety of flora and fauna. The Khao Suk National Park is definitely a wonderful escape from the crowded and noisy city life.

  1. Phuket

Phuket - Most Popular Places to visit in Thailand

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Phuket is undoubtedly one of the Most Popular Places to visit in Thailand having a ton of unique attractions. With the series of eye-catching beaches, vibrant nightlife, the spectacular old town and wide array of Things to Do, Phuket has something for everyone in its store. Phuket is culturally rich and is home to several beautiful monasteries, temples, historical places and much more.

Phuket - Top Places to visit in Thailand

Phuket is also one of the Best Honeymoon Destinations in World as the unique charm and natural beauty of this place encourages the newly wed couples to start their new life in an energetic and blissful manner. Also a paradise for Adventure Enthusiasts, Phuket has no shortage of Adventure Activities and offer some of the Best Adventure Sports in World.

  1. Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya - Best Places to visit in Thailand

Take a trip back to the past as you explore Ayutthaya. Located near Bangkok, Ayutthaya is a must visit place for all the art and history lovers in Thailand. Ayutthaya is an ancient civilization from the 13th century, which was in power until the 17th century. This was once the capital of Thailand and was very wealthy. Today we can enjoy the ruins and imagine how life was in those ancient days. Most of the ruins have been restored and hence one can enjoy the beautiful sight of them.

Buddha Head in Ayutthaya - Places to visit in Thailand

Ayutthaya offers a serene tour with lakes and Buddha statues and other beautiful ruins amidst nature. One cannot complete the tour of Ayutthaya in one single day and thus a two-day tour in this city will give proper justice to this ancient city. At night the ruins are lit up which makes this place look magical and definitely one of the beautiful places to visit in Thailand.

  1. Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai - Tourist Destinations in Thailand

Chiang Mai is an ancient city located in the mountains which go back to the 12th century. This is a peaceful city which is located in the highest mountains of Thailand. Chiang Mai is the perfect place where you can experience Thai culture and also its Delicious food. This city has a lot to offer when it comes to activities and you wouldn’t get bored. There is a lot to discover in this city, according to your choices.

Thai Temple in Chiang Mai - Best Places to visit in India

This city has a lot of temples and thus you can find some tranquility and inner peace of mind in all of the ancient beautiful temples of Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai is a perfect city to stroll in and enjoy the serene beauty of the same. Being a holy place the chanting of the monks is something you can look forward to if you are more into religion or want to know the culture of the country better.

Chiang Mai Tiger Kingdom - Destinations in Thailand

During your visit to Chiang Mai, do not miss the popular Tiger Kindom located 30 km from the city center. The Tiger Kingdom is a unique place which offers an exclusive eye-to-eye opportunity to witness and interact with the Tigers that live here peacefully and do not harm any visitor. All these unique attractions of Chiang Mai making it one of the ideal places to visit in Thailand.

  1. Bangkok

Bangkok - Best 13 Places to visit in Thailand

The largest City in Thailand and Country’s Capital city, Bangkok is Beautiful Cosmopolis of ancient temples, wonderful palaces, high-rise buildings, sparkling nightclubs, vibrant markets and streets lined up with vendors selling tantalizing food and souvenirs. The Nightlife Scene of Bangkok can perfectly fit everybody’s tastes from the Royal City Avenue to Koh San Road.

Night view of Bangkok - Best Places to visit in Thailand

Bangkok has some exceptional street markets like Khao San Road, packed with Bars, Clubs, Restaurants, Massage Parlors, Tattoo Shops, Internet Cafes, Guest-Houses, Travel Agents and much, much more. There are around 400 Buddhist Temples in the City of which the Wat Phra Kaew and Wat Pho should not be missed for having a glimpse of the City’s religious recognitions.

  1. Railay

Railay Beach - Places to visit in Thailand

Railay is a perfect destination for the adventurous souls. Whitewater Rafting, mountain climbing, sea kayaking, quad biking, jungle trekking and elephant trekking are all the main attractions of Railay. Railay is one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand. This beach is picture perfect with a beautiful sea with green color and picturesque palm trees around the same. This place offers excellent accommodation facilities and thus it is one of the must places to visit in Thailand.

Railay - Top Places to visit in Thailand

This place is also perfect for honeymoon couples as it provides a perfect romantic getaway strolling on the beach at night. The weather at Railay is perfect and thus one can enjoy thoroughly on the beach. The food here is also luxurious and your taste buds will definitely be treated with the variety of seafood here.

  1. Phanom Rung

Phanom Rung - Destinations to visit in Thailand

Phanom Rung is a majestic place in Thailand. It is located in the Buriram region of Thailand and is a view into the past of Thailand. Phanom Rung was a monastery of the Hindu God Shiva. One can see the influence of the Hindu culture in Thailand in Phanom Rung. There are many sculptors depicting Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and also Lord Shiva.

Phanom Rung - Best Places to visit in Thailand

The Phanom Rung is a very scenic site which has ponds full of lotus flowers. This site was built on an ancient live volcano and is one of the best ancient architectural sites in the world. The architecture of the main pagoda is said to be as per the Lord Shiva the layout of heaven as per him. This historic place is definitely a must visit for architecture lovers as well as photographers as one can find a lot of scopes there for photography.

  1. Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai - Famous Tourist Places to visit in Thailand

The borders of Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand form the Golden Triangle. The Chiang Rai city in the northern part of Thailand is the key commercial hub for the Golden Triangle. Chiang Rai is a busy town which always has something to offer for everyone. The tourists use the city as the base to explore other surrounding regions. During the daytime, all the package tourists are on their day trips, and the nightlife of Chiang Rai becomes lively with the flash of neon lights and the stalls of souvenir and the restaurants.

Chiang Rai - Popular Places to visit in Thailand

One of the extraordinary places to visit in Chiang Rai is the White Temple also known as Wat Rong Khun. The White Temple is a Buddhist temple with visually striking features situated at the 20-minute drive to the southern region of Chiang Rai. The temple is one of the great attractions of Thailand. If you ever visit Chiang Rai, never miss out the White Temple, it will fill you up with joy and amazement.

  1. Pai

Pai, North Thailand - Best Places to visit in Thailand

People know about Thailand as a beautiful country with friendly people for its fabulous southern beaches. And most people miss out on the breathtaking landscapes of the vast northern areas of Thailand. The nature of the northern Thailand is completely different than the South of Thailand. The North especially the region that is close to the Burmese border has a mountainous terrain with dense forests, and it is just beautiful and rugged. Pai comes from the province of Mae Hong Son, which is just the perfect place where one could enjoy the natural beauty, the famed cooking, and hospitality of Thailand.

Pai Canyon - Famous Places to visit in Thailand

Pai is well-known as the town for backpackers and hippies, though the families and locals also live in Pai. The town has many amazing things to offer such as the night-walk street market, easy access to the local temples, a variety of Western and local foods, waterfalls, and the dramatic Pai canyon. The happy and peaceful vibes of Pai are the reasons for the crowds drawing to the town in each season.

  1. Bo Sang Umbrella Village

Bo Sang Umberella village - Places to visit in Thailand

The umbrella village has a beautiful thing to offer which makes it one of the fantastic places to visit in Thailand. The Bo Sang village is a just 30-minutes drive away from the east of the city of Chiang Mai. The village got the nickname “Umbrella Village” for the beautiful Umbrellas or Parasols made of bamboos.

The visitors have the opportunity of witnessing the whole process of the parasol designing and creation and then purchase it as well. The buyers can make a choice for the design of the umbrella. You can watch the local women cutting, arranging, and painting the colorful umbrellas. You can save a lot of money if you buy the parasol directly from the source. Buying it from the other sources would cost you the shipping and packaging prices.

  1. Koh Lanta Island

The Island, Koh Lanta is one of the Major Attractions of Thailand for the beach lovers. Koh Lanta is an immaculate island of Thailand and one of the great places to visit in Thailand. The atmosphere of Koh Lanta is laid back and charming than the mass tourism and the crowded beaches offered by Koh Samui and Phuket. The finest beaches of Koh Lanta are in the southern and western coasts. The serene Bamboo Beach of Koh Lanta is one great beach you should not miss to visit.

Koh Lanta Bamboo Beach - Places to visit in Thailand

The Bamboo Beach, located at the southernmost end of the island is 500 meters long which is an ideal place to swim, lounge, and snorkel. The backdrop of lush and beautiful forest and the crystal-clear water of the beach add-on to the heavenly view of the beach. The Bamboo Beach never gets overcrowded due to its three boutique-styled resorts. The Koh Lanta National Park and the Lanta Old Town are some other attractions offered by Koh Lanta. One of the best places to visit in Thailand, the Long Beach of Koh Lanta is another great beach where you can happily spend your vacation.

  1. Sukhothai Historical Park

Sukhothai Historical Park - Tourist Places in Thailand

The Sukhothai Historical Park is a favorite destination for the photography enthusiasts and the history buffs. The park has various spots for fascinating photo ops. The place was also Thailand’s ancient capital. The city still stands with pride in spite of all the centuries it endured in the exposure to all elements and the battles which took place in the city. The Historical Park is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. It made a lot of investments in the restoration and the preservation of the Sukhothai Historical Park, which is one of the important historical sites of Thailand.

Sukhothai Historical Park - Best Places to visit in Thailand

The attractions of Sukhothai Historical Park include numerous ways (Buddhist temples and monasteries) which brightly speak of the long history of devotion to the Buddhist religion. Every structure tells the story of the ancient society along with influences and relics which came from the different prehistoric civilizations which appeared in the designs from the relics.

  1. Pattaya

Pattaya - Most Popular Places to visit in Thailand

On a 90 minute drive from the capital city of Bangkok,  Pattaya offers some of the finest beaches in Thailand. This Beach Town is popular for Its Shining Malls, Theme Parks, Mesmerizing Beaches And Vibrant Street Markets. The city had a previous recognition as the Gomorrah of Strip Bars, Booze, and Sex – but now this image is totally transformed and million of tourists visit Pattaya every year.

Pattaya in Night - Places to visit in Thailand

For those who like to Dubious Nightclubs and want to party hard, Pattaya is one of the best places to visit in Thailand.

  1. Mae Hong Son

Mae Hong Son - Tourist Places in Thailand

Mae Hong Son is a remote town surrounded by the mountains of northern Thailand. A picturesque place for Tourists and Backpackers wishing to discover the Lush Green Landscapes, Dense Forests, Hill Tribes, Thai Temples and Outdoor Adventures – Mae Hong Son is one of the Best Offbeat Tourist Destinations in Thailand. The place is blessed with immense natural beauty and filled with Paddy Fields, Bamboo Trees and Waterfalls all over. For those who Love Trekking and want to explore the Tribal villages of Thailand, Mae Hong Son is surely the place for them.

Thailand is a Perfect Tropical Getaway to relieve stress. Blessed with a beautiful tropical coastline, Thailand is one of the most beautiful countries in Southeast Asia. Along with wonderful beaches, Thailand also has a Rich Culture and Cuisine, which one can look forward to. Thailand is a very beautiful place for spending the vacations and one must definitely give a visit to all the above places to visit in Thailand. These places depict the True Spirit and Culture of Thailand.