India is known as the land of cultural diversity. Of all the diverse cultures of India, the one offering the most colorful and peaceful purity is Sikkim. The state of Sikkim is situated in the North – Eastern side of the country along the Chinese border. It touches three borders of China, Nepal, and Bhutan. The capital city of Sikkim is Gangtok and the state is also the second smallest state of India after Goa. The state is renowned all over the globe for its Buddhist Monasteries, Snow Capped Himalayan Mountains, Lush Green Valleys, and Picturesque Landscape. There are endless Places to visit in Sikkim and it is a popular destination among tourists.

Top 12 Amazing Places to visit in Sikkim – The Utmost Beauty of Northeast India

Sikkim has been always lively with tourists from across the country and the world. The major reason for its tourist attraction is the Cool Weather it has throughout the year. The nature, the food, the peace, and everything about this place is magical on its own. It is a striking place because of its natural beauty of mountains like Kanchenjunga, its Biodiversity, and Rich Heritage. It is a state where approximately eleven different languages are spoken. Furthermore, Sikkim is the first state which is highly conscious about its environment.

Top 12 Popular Places to visit in Sikkim – Extreme Beauty of Northeast India

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A major part of the Revenue of Sikkim’s government up comes from Tourism, Agriculture, and various Small Scale Industries. If we explore tourism sector, Sikkim consists of amazing places that give immense joy and pleasure to the travelers and tourists.  Here are some of the Best Places to visit in Sikkim.

  1. Nathu La Pass

Nathu La Pass - Best Places to visit in Sikkim

Nathu La Pass is a Spectacular Himalayan Mountain Pass. It is a bypass between India and Tibet region. The journey through this pass can be covered either by walking or using vehicles. As the region is located at a high altitude, tourists may easily feel dehydrated, for some tourists oxygen kits are provided. While going through the pass you will also see many army men protecting the Indian border from China with all their strength and will. Simply your patriotic feeling and respect towards Indian army will be at its hike.

Nathu La Pass Indian Army - Top Tourist Destinations in Sikkim

Also, it is recommended for the tourists to start the journey early morning as the beauty of Nathu La is at its peak at dawn. Nathu La Pass also has beautiful sightseeing of Ban Jhakri waterfalls and Tsomgo Lake.

  1. Gurudongmar Lake

Gurudongmar Lake Sikkim - Top 12 Places to visit in Sikkim

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Gurudongmar Lake is a magnificent concealed and unveiled gem of Sikkim. Gurudongmar Lake is one of the highest altitude lakes in the world. The lake is situated on the northern side of Kanchenjunga Mountain. The name Gurudongmar Lake was named after the region surrounding the lake known as Gurudongmar. It is a freshwater lake. Moreover, it is a Holy Place for many Buddhist and Sikh people. It’s a really a breathtaking sight located in Lachen town.

Gurudongmar Lake Sikkim - Top 12 Destinations to visit in Sikkim

The peace that you’ll find by sitting near Gurudongmar Lake will make you realize the serenity of life. Indian tourists can visit Gurudongmar Lake without any permission, whereas non-Indian i.e. foreign tourists need to take permission from the ministry of external affairs Delhi. The original beauty of Lake can be seen during the summer season as during the winter season, the lake is completely frozen.

  1. Kanchenjunga Falls

Kanchenjunga waterfalls Pelling - Top Places to visit in Sikkim

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We all have heard the name of Kanchenjunga Mountain, which is the third highest mountain in the world after Mt. Everest and Mt. K2. Kanchenjunga Falls is a water stream coming from Kanchenjunga Mountain. It is a sightseeing that makes your journey to Sikkim worthy. Kanchenjunga Falls is located near Pelling that tourists can visit to visualize the unbelievable beauty of this nature.

The natural Kanchenjunga Falls also serve as a vital element of supplying natural water for hydropower generation for national development. To enjoy the trip of Kanchenjunga Falls it is recommended to visit Swear Rock Garden, through which Rabbi River flows. Moreover, there isn’t any entrance fee or ticket to visit it.

  1. Tsomgo Lake

Tsomgo Lake Sikkim - Popular Places to visit in Sikkim

Tsomgo Lake is at a distance of two hours from Gangtok and is one of the top places to visit in Sikkim. It is on the Nathu Lass pass route. The lake is surrounded by beautiful mountains all around which gives it a magnificent photogenic look. Tsomgo Lake is a must watch beauty in North East. The Lake is about 100 feet deep and is a well renowned and popular attraction among tourists.

Tsomgo Lake Sikkim - 12 Popular Places to visit in Sikkim

Nearby there is a Shiva temple which makes it a holy place as well. You can go after breakfast and start an excursion to Tsomgo Lake (12,400 ft.) & Baba Mandir (13,100 ft.) which is 55 km one way from Gangtok city. On sunny days the lake is at its utmost beauty, but on days that lack the sunshine, the lake gets covered by fog and mist.

  1. Ranka or Rumtek Monastery

Ranka Monastery - Best Places to visit in Sikkim

Ranka monastery or Rumtek Monastery is a Buddhist Monastery, which adds up to the beauty of Sikkim. Ranka monastery is situated at a good height, which makes it a peaceful and Meditation Enhancing Place of Sikkim. It is the best place to find Inner Peace. Ranka monastery is a little bit far from the city of Gangtok. The beauty of the architecture of Ranka monastery simply makes everyone want to click a picture of it. According to tourists’ reviews, it is a must visit place in Sikkim.

Rumtek Monastery - Best Places to visit in Sikkim

It is a very peaceful and clean place which serves one with every element of inner peace, serenity, and self-fulfillment. Moreover, Ranka monastery is also a residence of many Buddhist Monks. Also, many festivals and events are organized by these monks as a part of their peaceful lives.

  1. Ravangla

Ravangla Sikkim - Amazing Places to visit in Sikkim

For those who are seeking to spend some quality time in the lap of Splendid Landscape, Ravangla surely is the best choice for them. This Small village in the western part of Sikkim offers the most Mesmerizing views of Snow Clad Peaks and Lush Green valleys. The awe-inspiring beauty of this place will make anyone Spellbound. One must do activity in Ravangla is to observe the Sunrise and Sunset in the extreme Serenity of Nature.

Buddha Park Ravangala - Best Tourist Places in India

Ravangla is an unbelieving beauty that no-one would believe that it exists in India. The nearby Temi Tea Gardens and the Buddha Park add an extra Charm to the Beuty of Ravangla.

  1. MG Marg

MG Marg Gangtok Sikkim - Best Tourist Places in Sikkim

MG Marg or the Mahatma Gandhi Road is one of the top-class places to visit in Sikkim. The road and its surrounding area have been transformed into a Boulevard Square for Tourist Activities. The complete road is filled with glittering shops offering souvenirs and mouth – watering food. There are many benches put at various intervals for people to relax in the hustle bustle of the area. The colorfulness of this road is beyond description.

MG Marg Gangtok Sikkim - 12 Best Tourist Places in Sikkim

The entire area is free from litter, smoke, and alcohol. Plus, it is a no vehicle zone. Therefore, there is no disturbance for your leisurely stroll. The famous Statue of Unity stands tall on this road. You can see a beautiful green atmosphere everywhere because of the government’s green initiative. It is like a daily carnival that goes on at the MG Road from 8 am to 7 pm.

  1. Hanuman Tok

Hanuman Tok Gangtok - Best Destinations in Sikkim

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Located at a height 7200 ft., Hanuman Tok is a temple dedicated to the worship of the Hindu God Lord Hanuman. The temple is situated 11 km from Gangtok. It has a lot of stairs to reach the temple. There are many benches along the way for the visitors to relax and enjoy the splendid greenery of the region. The temple offers a beautiful sense of spirituality with prayer chants and divine music all around.

Hanuman Tok is regarded as a wish fulfilling temple. The royal family of Sikkim lives in close proximity to this region. You can also look at the amazing stupas and statues that surround this temple. It is an overall peaceful religious experience.

  1. Teesta River

Teesta River in Sikkim - Top Places to visit in Sikkim

The amazing Teesta River is 309 km long. The convergence of the Teesta and the Rangeet rivers will leave you spellbound in the beautiful and serene nature. The river goes through a meandering course offering its beauty to the visitors. The river provides white water rafting activity. There are large boulders in the river, making it ideal for this sport. There are 2 bridges from which you can experience the charm of the Teesta – the Coronation Bridge and the Teesta Bridge.

Teesta River in Sikkim - Top 12 Places to visit in Sikkim

This river is the main source of livelihood for the fishermen, boatmen, and the farmers. This river is nature’s gem in the lap of Sikkim. It is a must – visit place while you are at Sikkim to engulf the splendor of water. You can visit the Peshoke View Point to experience the Confluence of Teesta and Rangeet River.

10. Mt. Katao

Mt. Katao Sikkim - Top 12 Tourist Attractions in Sikkim

Mount Katao is located at a distance of 144 km from the capital city of Sikkim. The Katao Valley is approximately 15000 ft above the sea level. You can enjoy the panoramic view of the Mount Katao while staying at Lachung. The three most prominent trees of this valley are rhododendron, primulas, and poppy. The passage of this mountain is quite unsafe. There is a limited guest facility nearby Mount Katao. One has to stay at Lachung and then visit the valley the next day or so. For staying at this place, everything from food to hotel is offered by Gangtok tourism in packages.

Mt. Katao Sikkim - Top 12 Tourist Places in Sikkim

This location is very close to the China border and therefore, the security is pretty tight. The remoteness of the area has resulted in poor infrastructure. But despite all the adversity one faces, this place is a real bliss. Without any further discussion, Mt. Katao is one of the Best Places to visit in Sikkim.

  1. Zuluk

Zuluk Sikkim - Places to visit in Sikkim

Situated in the East Sikkim region, Zuluk is a relatively new location for the tourists. It is a small military village which is also a base for exploring the high – altitude places. This village is also a part of the famous Silk Route from China. Today, it has emerged as a riveting tourist spot because of its surreal views and wonderful environment. It looks absolutely stunning during the summer season with green trees and forests. In the winter, you can experience the beauty of snow – capped mountains and valleys. The place is quite and offers a breathtaking sight of the beauty of Sikkim.

12. Yumthang Valley

Yumthang Valley Lachung Sikkim - 12 Amazing Places to visit in Sikkim

Yumthang is one of the Most Beautiful Valley in India and one of the best Places to Visit in Sikkim. The whole Valley is surrounded by Lush-Green Forests, Gushing Streams, Mesmerizing Waterfalls and much more. A visit to the valley also gives a chance to witness the local and remote culture of some beautiful villages of Sikkim such as Lachen and Lachung.

Bridge over Lachung River in Yumthang Valley Sikkim - Top Destinations in Sikkim

Some of the best tourist attractions of Yumthang Valley are Zero Point, Yumthang River, Chungthang and Lachung Monastery.

If you are a traveler, and traveling to the Northeastern part of India then you must consider these Breathtaking Places to visit in Sikkim. The mingled beauty and peace of this place will leave you dumbstruck. Visit these utterly amazing places to look at some unforgettable views and make beautiful memories.