Delhi is one of the Largest and Busiest Cities in India. People from every part of the country live here, some are permanent residents of Delhi while others came to earn their Livelihood in this Metropolitan City. Apart from that, many Tourists visit this City to Witness the Unique Charm of this place. Everyone living in the city wants to Spend Some Quality Time in some Lonely or Adventurous Places to get a break from hustling and bustling life of this city.   The perfect way to do so is Planning a Picnic with the Family or Friends and get out in the Fresh Environment of Best Picnic Spots near Delhi for some days.

10 Popular Picnic Spots near Delhi – Revitalize yourself with your Family and Friends

If you are a native of Delhi and its neighboring areas, you might be well aware of the top places to visit. But if you are from different places and are planning to make a trip to Delhi, here are some of the best Picnic Spots near Delhi to visit during your next Picnic.

  1. Damdama Lake

Damdama Lake View - 10 Best Picnic Spots near Delhi – Revitalize yourself with your Family and Friends

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Damdama lake is approximately a 2-hour drive from Delhi. It is situated nearly 60 kilometers away from the busy city of Delhi. It is a nice place for going picnic with family and friends. People from various locations visit this place during their holidays.

People from various locations visit this place during their holidays. It is one of the Biggest Lakes of Haryana. There are several facilities to make your trip a memorable one. If you like boating you can do that here with different kinds of boats.

Damdama Lake Picnic -10 Best Picnic Spots near Delhi

You can also enjoy Adventurous Activities such as Rock Climbing, Rope Climbing, Rifle Shooting, Archery and much more at Damdama Lake Adventure Camp.

There are several good resorts nearby which will ensure that you have a good stay while you enjoy your time here. The best time to visit is October to March. This is one of the best Picnic Spots near Delhi.

  1. Manesar

Manesar - 10 Best Picnic Spots near Delhi

Manesar is an industrial town in the Gurgaon district of Haryana. It is a part of NCR Delhi. It is a very good place to visit, especially if you love Farming and Agricultural Tourism. A new concept known as Farm Tourism has been introduced in Manesar by Agricultural Department of Haryana.

Heritage Transport Museum Manesar - Picnic Spots near Delhi

Another place to visit in Manesar is the Heritage Transport Museum. It has four floors which house exhibition galleries, library and reference center, conference rooms, auditoriums, restaurant and museum shop.

It has been developed as one of the major eco-cities of India and a growing industrial center. It is mostly a city type destination but the stay here will be very healthy and convenient.

  1. Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary

Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary - Best Picnic Spots near Delhi

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The Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary is located at the far southern edge of Delhi. The sanctuary is situated in a village and almost isolated from the bustle of the city.

The popular attraction at the Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary is the Conservation Education Centre in the Forest Department Building. Here you will get detailed data on Flora and Fauna and will be trained on how to conserve them.

Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary - 10 Best Picnic Spots near Delhi

There are reportedly 190 species of birds along with a great number of medicinal plants and nearly 70+ species of butterflies and many other insects.

One can Spot mammals like Blue Bull, Blackbuck, Jackals, Jungle Cats, Black-Naped Hare,  and even Leopards (if lucky enough) at the Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary.

There are several Historical Places around this place such as Surajkund, Tughlakabad, Chattarpur Temple etc.

  1. Pratapgarh Farms

Pratapgarh Farms - Popular Places to visit near Delhi

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Pratapgarh Farms located in Jhajjar District of  Haryana is a fine picnic spot near Delhi which offers Scenic Beauty of Nature. The farm’s idea revolves around the Rural Household of India. There are animals like cows, buffaloes, sheep and much more which are a good scene for the small children born in the cities.

The farm attracts thousands of people who want a break from the hectic schedule to enjoy nature. It is a perfect spot for enjoying a picnic with family and friends.

Pratapgarh Farms Picnic

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You can enjoy unlimited food, music, dance and fun here in the Pratapgarh farms. The ethnic mud huts provide good shade in the scorching heat. You can enjoy camel rides and get to eat the “Desi Cuisine” here.

You can also play several games like archery, kite flying, and many more local games here. If you want a complete package of fun and entertainment you must give this place a visit. This is a must visit picnic spot near Delhi.

  1. Tikli Bottom

Tikli Bottom - 10 Best Picnic Places near Delhi

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Tikli Bottom is basically a modern Lutyens Style Indian Haveli. The courtyard inside has much recreational space and the Surrounding Trees provides a Relaxing Shade in the months of extreme Heat. It feels like a hill station as it is surrounded by hills and lies 50 km away from the city of Delhi.

It is a Quite and Peaceful Place where one can Feel Relaxed. There are luxury rooms available for the guests who can live and enjoy the vacation here. The air is pure and clean and the view through the windows is just beautiful. It is a good destination for enjoying a picnic with families.

  1. Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

Sultanpur Wildlife Sanctuary - Best Picnic Spots near Delhi

Dr. Salim Ali Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is located 60 km away from Delhi is one of the best Picnic Spots near Delhi. Sultanpur bird sanctuary is a paradise of Vividly Colored Flamboyant Birds, who can catch anyone’s gaze in a single flap of their wings.

During winters, many such beguiling birds migrate thousands of kilometers from across the globe to find their haven in this beautiful Sultanpur bird sanctuary.

More than 250 species of Birds can be witnessed at this Bird Sanctuary. It is one of the best places for Bird Watching near Delhi and visitors can avail binoculars for the best experience.

Sultanpur Wildlife Sanctuary - Best Tourist Places near Delhi

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There are many Watch Towers at different locations, a library with films and slides of the birds, an interpretation center, an education center and a room dedicated to Dr. Salim Ali is open to all.

This picnic spot provides with full-time services of washrooms, drinking water, children’s park and a well-spaced parking area. People who wish to stay overnight can live in the well-furnished guest houses with all basic provisions.

  1. Neemrana

Neemrana Fort Palace - Popular Picnic Spots near Delhi

Take the Delhi- Jaipur highway, and drive straight to the ancient Historical Town of Neemrana, in Alwar district of Rajasthan, a 143 km ride from Delhi.

Neemrana Fort Palace is an intricate Historic Architecture, now converted into a Luxury Hotel. The Palace is a famous attraction known for its magnificence and ancient history dating back to the 15th century.

A Zipline Tour over the palace is another breathtaking experience not to be missed along with enlightening the taste buds with exotic French and Rajasthani cuisines.

Neemrana Fort and Palace - Top 10 Picnic Spots near Delhi

Another must visit place at Neemrana is  Baori complimenting the beauty of Neemrana is an ancient step well with 170 steps another experience to be recorded.

Bala Quila near Neemrana is a fort which shouldn’t be missed; entering the serene and calm fort will make anyone feel the royal aura of the royals of Rajasthan. Historic Forts and Traditional Shopping Markets near Neemrana make it one of the ethnic and historic picnic spots near Delhi.

  1. Botanix Nature Resort

Botanix Nature Resort - Best Picnic Spots near Delhi

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Botanix Nature a Beautiful Green Resort touches the foothills of Aravali hills best for feeling the lapping cool water of Damdama Lake. It’s 50 km away from Delhi and is a beautiful landscape for all those who want to hide under the scenic canopy of nature.

Fun at Botanix Nature Resort - Best Places to visit near delhi

Various types of Gardens, Species Of Flowers, Trees and Butterflies will make you want to stay for a bit longer each time. It offers different activities for families, youth and corporate workers to ease off the burden on their shoulders and squeal in delight at the exquisiteness of nature and have a memorable picnic with pictures of some Unforgettable Moments.

  1. Sariska

Sariska Tiger Reserve - Best Picnic Spots near Delhi

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Sariska Tiger Reserve is 213 km away from Delhi. This tiger reserve is the first in the world which has attained success in Relocating Tigers. The Sariska tiger reserve lies in the great Aravali ranges, rich in minerals and Dry Deciduous Forests creating an undisturbed environment for the diverse wildlife present here. The Reserve is rich in both flora and fauna, a beloved place for wildlife lovers and Adventure Enthusiasts.

Sariska Tiger Reserve Palace Hotel - Famous Picnic Spots near Delhi

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Along with housing Tigers and varied species of Mammals, it is home to many other Endangered Species of the cat family, hares, antelopes etc. Sariska is also home to many endangered birds like the Crested Serpent Eagle, Grey Partridge, and Indian Eagle Owl.

People return back with memories of sharp glowing eyes, spotted feathers and rare sounds of the animals all infusing in them the love to preserve both the flora and fauna.

10. Baghaan Orchard Retreat

Baghaan Orchard Resort - Most Popular Picnic Spots near Delhi

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Baghaan orchard retreat is a yet another stunning picnic spot 130 km away from Delhi in Bullandshaher, Uttar Pradesh. This Picnic Spot assures a Consoling, Placating yet Adventurous Milieu, all in one location.

Under the long branches of murmuring leaves with birdsong echoing in the air, the urban workaholic will fall in love at the striking and enthralling site of nature.

Baghhan Orchard Resort and Hotel - Botanix Nature Resort - Best Picnic Spots near Delhi

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The addicting Sporty Activities yank out the sporty and competitive side of anyone. Activities like the Zip Line, Paint Ball, Abseiling, Body Zorb Fight, Swift Cycling, Climbing the Wall, etc. outline this place as one of the best picnic spots near Delhi.

There are several good Picnic Spots near Delhi, which are visited by thousands of people every year. Select your favorite destination and plan a trip to one of these places as soon as possible. Happy Holidays and enjoy your Picnic at your best.