What type of traveler are you? The one who love to travel as Nomad, the one who want to escape from the hustle-bustle of the city life or the one who like to explore their own Trails. If you fall under any category of these travelers, you surely love to explore the Offbeat Destinations in India more than the popular ones. India is a nation that offers plenty of choices to travelers with a variety of destinations like Beaches, Hill Stations, Desert, Historical Places, Wildlife Reserves, Pilgrim Destinations and much more. You can discover a number of Unexplored Places in India where you can spend some quality time in the lap of nature away from the irritating crowd.

Offbeat Destinations in India - Explore the Unexplored India

These offbeat locations offer you the opportunity to notice the more native, natural and adventurous side of India and also on a Budget friendly manner. Below is the list of some amazing Offbeat Destinations in India that you should explore to make your travel more adventurous and happening.

  1. Shoja – Himachal Pradesh

Shoja - Offbeat Destinations in India

A picture-perfect Hamlet located near to the Great Himalayan National Park is an ideal place to relax in the peaceful nature surrounded by dense forests and gushing streams. Still an offbeat location for many, Shoja is a breathtaking place with greenery all around and offers mesmerizing views of snow capped mountains.

Shoja, Himachal Pradesh - Offbeat Destinations to visit in India

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A small Trek to Jalori Pass and Serolsar Lake is an added adventure to the Trip. The accommodation facilities are not much, but a stay in Wooden Rest Houses and Home Stays is definitely a delight in itself. It is advised to book a room in advance to enjoy the most of your trip to Shoja.

Top Attractions in Shoja – Jalori Pass, Tirthan Valley, Great Himalayan National Park, Waterfall Point, Raghupur Fort, Serolsar Lake

Things to Do in Shoja – Trekking, Hiking, Camping, Nature Photography, Local Sightseeing

  1. Velas – Maharashtra

Velas Beach Maharashtra - Offbeat Destinations in India

Located near the Coastal town of Ratnagiri in Konkan Region, Velas is a peaceful and serene village sandwiched between mountains from three sides and a tranquil shoreline to its fourth side. The village is now attaining worldwide attention due to the Olive Ridley Turtles that approach this little beach to lay their eggs.

Olive Ridley Turtles at Velas Beach - Best Offbeat Destinations in India

The scene of Turtle Hatchlings out of their nests and making their tedious way to the Arabian Sea, Velas is the perfect place to observe this phenomenon for real.

Places to visit around Velas – Harihareshwar Beach, Dapoli, Harihareshwar Temple, Bankot Fort, Diveagar, Shrivardhan, Guhagar

Things to do in and around Velas – Explore the Tranquil Beaches, Annual Turtle Festival, Try the local Konkani cuisine.

  1. Ponmudi – Kerala

Ponmudi - 15 Offbeat Destinations in India

Situated in the lap of enchanting Western Ghats, Ponmudi is one of the best offbeat Hill Stations in Kerala packed with Lush Green Hills, Waterfalls, Rivulets, Streams, and Tea Plantations. This hill station has many wonders in store for nature lovers and the place is blessed with salubrious greenery all around.

Menmutty Falls Ponmudi - Unexplored Places in India

Adventure enthusiasts can opt for Trekking to Agasthyakoodam Peak, which is the highest peak in this area with an altitude of 1868 m from sea level.

Places to visit in Ponmudi – Agasthyamalai Biosphere Reserve, Menmutty Falls, Golden Valley, Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary, Agasthyakoodam Peak, Ponmudi Dam

Things to do in PonmudiTrekking, Camping, Nature Sightseeing, Wildlife Spotting, Bird Watching, Tea Plantation Tour

  1. Kumbhalgarh – Rajasthan

Kumbhalgarh Fortress - Offbeat Destinations in India

Having the 2nd largest continuous wall after the Great Wall of China, Kumbhalgarh is a spectacular Fortress situated 80 km from Udaipur. Also the birthplace of the great Mewar Warrior – The Maharana Pratap, this place depicts the enthralling history and grandeur of Rajputana Culture and Architecture.

Kumbhalgarh Rajasthan - Offbeat Destinations to visit in India

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Walking on the rugged red walls of the Fortress and having a visit to the nearby Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary are the must do things in Kumbhalgarh. The place is also included in UNESCO World Heritage Sites list of “Hill Forts of Rajasthan”, which makes it one of the best Offbeat Destinations in India.

Top attractions at Kumbhalgarh – Kumbhalgarh Fort, Badal Mahal, Mammadev Temple, Neelkanth Mahadeo Temple, Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary

  1. Chindi – Himachal Pradesh

Chindi - 15 Offbeat Destinations in India

A small and picturesque village in the Apple Valley of Himachal Pradesh, Chindi is literally a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers. Packed with the Rich Deodar Forests, Apple Orchards, Grassy Meadows and an all year Tranquil Weather, Chindi is one of the must visit Offbeat Destinations in India.

Chindi Karsog Valley - Offbeat Destinations in India

The main attraction at Chindi is Chindi Mata Temple having a unique design and depicts the classical Pahadi Style of Wooden Carvings and Architecture. The Forest Department Rest House and Himachal Tourism’s Mamleshwar Hotel are ideal places to stay and offers some awe-inspiring views to its visitors.

Major Attractions in and near Chindi – Chindi Mata Temple, Mahunag Temple, Kamaksha Devi Temple, Mamleshwar Temple, Karsog Valley, Shikari Devi Temple, Tattapani Hot Water Springs.

Things to do in Chindi – Trekking to Shikari Devi Temple, Camping in Jungle, Nature Sightseeing, Mountain Biking, Explore the Local Culture and Architecture.

  1. Lepakshi – Andhra Pradesh

Lepakshi - Offbeat Destinations in India

One of the Mysterious places in India, Lepakshi is a small town famous for its Hanging Pillar in the Lepakshi Temple. The beautiful architecture and sculptures of the temples and monuments in Lepakshi depict the perfect example of the fine Vijayanagara style of Architecture. The temples at Lepakshi are adorned with rare mural paintings from the 16th century.

Nandi Bull at Lepakshi Temple - Unexplored Places in India

The large monolithic sculpture of Lord Shiva’s Nandi Bull near the Veerbhadra Temple is one of the Largest Nandi Bull Sculpture in India. For History Buffs and Architecture lovers, Lepakshi is one of the best Unexplored places in India that offers a unique charm to its visitors.

Places to visit in LepakshiLepakshi Temple, Veerbhadra Temple, Nandi Bull

  1. Askot – Uttarakhand

Askot Uttarakhand - Offbeat Destinations in India

A Little Natural Paradise in the Pithoragarh District of Uttarakhand, Askot is one of the best Offbeat Weekend Getaways near Delhi. Askot is a picture-perfect destination blesses with Dense Forests, Waterfalls, Rivulets, Streams and Immense Natural Beauty.

Askot Wildlife Sanctuary - Best Offbeat Destinations in India

A silent heaven amidst the Himalayas, the place offers breathtaking views of lofty Mountains. The prime attraction at Askot is the Askot Wildlife Sanctuary, which houses a large no. of Musk Deer in the area and is a great place for Wildlife Lovers and Adventure Enthusiasts.

Places to visit in AskotAskot Wildlife Sanctuary, Dhanlekh, Narayan Swami Ashram, Jauljibi

  1. Khajjiar – Himachal Pradesh

Khajjiar - Offbeat Destinations in India

Seeing the Picturesque Locations and Awe-Inspiring Mountains of Switzerland in Bollywood Movies raises a desire to visit Switzerland once in our lifetime. But for all of us, it might not be possible as visiting the European countries and getting the Travel Visa is not an easy task. But don’t you worry about it, you can have a Glimpse of Switzerland in India also. Famous as the name of “Mini Switzerland of India”, Khajjiar is one of the Best Hill Stations in Himachal Pradesh.

Zorbing at Khajjiar - Best Offbeat Destinations in India

The little Perennial Lake fed by a number of water streams with the backdrop of dense Deodar Forests makes an awe-inspiring setting, which can not be witnessed anywhere else in India. If you love Adventure activities like Camping, Hiking, and Zorbing, Khajjiar is one of the perfect Offbeat destinations in India.

Tourist attractions in KhajjiarKhajjiar Lake, Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary, Golden Devi Temple, Khajji Nag Temple, HP State Handicrafts Center, Tibetan Handicrafts Center

Things to do in Khajjiar – Horse-Riding, Trekking, Hiking, Camping, Zorbing, Paragliding

  1. Majuli Island – Assam

Majuli Island - Offbeat Destinations in India

For those who love crystal clear waters, Majuli Island is one of the perfect offbeat destinations in India which is Unique in its own way. Majuli Island is “World’s Largest River Island” on the Brahmaputra River and blessed with immense natural beauty and lush green environment. The Island is also called as The Cultural Capital of Assam and is inhabited mainly by the Tribal People.

Majuli Island Culture and Traditions - Offbeat Places in India

The culture and traditions of this place are so unique and attractive, you will surely fall in love with this River Island.

Places to visit in Majuli – Kamalabai Satra, Garmur, Tengapania, Dakhinpat Satra, Chetagaon

  1. Orchha – Madhya Pradesh

Chaturbhuj Temple Orchha - 15 Offbeat Destinations in India


Situated on the Banks of the beautiful Betwa River, the historic town of Orchha displays a perfect blend of Mughal and Rajputana Architecture. The small town has many Palaces, Cenotaphs, Temples and Other Historical Monuments. The quiet and scenic atmosphere of the place along with the beautiful settings of Betwa River makes it one of the Best Places to visit in Madhya Pradesh.

Orchha - Top Offbeat Destinations in India

The cenotaphs or Chattris of Orchha are a prime attraction for the tourists with some other interesting places like Raja Ram Temple and Jahangir Mahal.

Places to visit in OrchhaJahangir Mahal, Raja Mahal, Raja Ram Temple, Rani Mahal, Phool Bagh, Lakshminarayan Temple, Dauji ki Haveli, Sundar Mahal, Chaturbhuj Temple

Things to do in Orchha – Rafting, Boating, Swimming, Ayurvedic Massages, City Shopping

  1. Kamshet – Maharashtra

Pawna Lake Kamshet - Offbeat Destinations in India

One of the best places in India for Adventure lovers, Kamshet is a Beautiful Hill Station in the Western Ghats famous for Flying Schools, Paragliding, and Adventure Sports. The picturesque location of Kamshet offers mesmerizing views of the Western Ghat Range and is one of the best places for Paragliding in India.

Kamshet Paragliding - Offbeat Destinations in India

Tourist can opt to visit for nearby Bhedsa and Bhairi caves or go to Lakeside Camping at the Spectacular Pawna Lake.

Places to visit in Kamshet – Pawna Lake, Kondeshwar Temple, Bhandar Dongar, Shinde Wadi Hills, Bhairi Caves, Bhaja Caves, Karla Caves, Bhedsa Caves

Things to do in Kamshet – Paragliding, Parasailing, Lakeside Camping, Trekking, Corporate Outing

  1. Cherrapunji – Meghalaya

Cherrapunji - Best Offbeat Destinations in India

Cherrapunji is the wettest place on earth that receives Rain almost every day of the Year. For those who love to hear the trickling sound of rain and love to stroll in the rain, Cherrapnji is one of the best Offbeat destinations in India. The place is also popular for its Living Root Bridges which are the result of Bio-Engineering practiced by the villagers and can not be found elsewhere in the World.

Double Decker Root Bridge Cherrapunji - Unexplored Places in India

Also a good place for trekking, a Trek to the unique Double Decker Root Bridge is one of the best things to do in Cherrapunji. Don’t forget to carry your Umbrella and Raincoat while roaming in Cherrapunji, as the rain can pour anywhere and anytime.

Places to visit in Cherrapunji – Nohkalikai Waterfalls, Mawsmai Waterfalls, Eco Park, Mawsmai Cave, Seven Sisters Falls, Mawkdok Dympep Valley, Double Decker Root Bridge, Umiam Lake

  1. Hemis – Jammu and Kashmir

Hemis - Offbeat Destinations in India

A Land Untouched and Less Travelled, Hemis is a spectacular place sandwiched between the Great Himalayan Ranges of Leh-Ladakh. The lofty views of Snow-Capped Himalayan Peaks and the unique Culture and traditions of this place can leave you spellbound for sure.

The whole area is known as the Land of Snow Leopard and a visit to the snow-covered region of Hemis National Park is the best way to spot a great variety of Himalayan Wildlife.

Hemis National Park - Offbeat Destinations to visit in India

Another major attraction at Hemis is Hemis Monastery, which is one of the oldest Monasteries in the region and depicts the colorful traditions of the region. For Adventure Enthusiasts and Trekking Lovers, Hemis is an ideal getaway as many of the High-Altitude Trekking Trails like Frozen River Trek and Stok Kangri Trek originates from this region.

Places to visit in Hemis – Hemis National Park, Hemis Monastery, Stakna Gompa, Gotsang Gompa, Shang Gompa

Things to do in Hemis – Trekking, Hiking, Camping, Monastery Visit, Explore the Local Cuisine and Culture.

  1. Tadoba – Maharashtra

Tadoba - Offbeat Destinations in India

Blessed with a variety of Wildlife, Flora and fauna and beautiful landscapes, Tadoba is the best place for all the Wildlife Junkies. A well protected Natural Park and Tiger Reserve, Tadoba houses a great population of Tigers with many other endangered Wildlife Species. The main attractions at Tadoba are Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve, Erai Dam, Tadoba Lake and many other local villages.

Jeep Safari at Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve - Offbeat Destinations in India

The best way to explore this area is through Jungle Safari Trip in an Open Roof Gypsy. For Adventure Buffs and Wildlife lovers, Tadoba is one of the must visit offbeat destinations in India.

Places to visit in Tadoba – Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, Tadoba Lake, Moharli, Erai dam, Kolsa, Tadoba National Park

Things to do in Tadoba – Jeep Safari, Wildlife Spotting, Bird Watching, Wildlife Photography

  1. Dhanushkodi – Tamil Nadu

Dhanushkodi Ruins - Offbeat Destinations in India

Dhanushkodi is an abandoned coastal village near Rameshwaram in the Tamil Nadu state of India. The village was destroyed completely by the Rameshwaram cyclone in 1964 and only the remains of Houses, Church, Railway Station and Post Office stood there in the form of Ruins. No matter the village is abandoned, but the place is blessed with Immense Natural Beauty.

Dhanushkodi Beach - Top Offbeat Destinations in India

The White Sand Beach at Dhamushlodi is the perfect place to enjoy some Quiet time at the beach and for long beach walks without any interference of annoying crowd. Dhanushkodi is also the farthest end of India, where the Indian Ocean meets with Bay of Bengal and Srilanka is just 13 km away from the place. Without any doubt, Dhanushkodi is one of the best Offbeat places to visit in India for the Nomad Travelers.

Places to visit in and near Dhanushkodi – Dhanushkodi Beach, Station and Church Ruins, Pamban Bridge, Rama Setu, Pamban Island, Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park

We hope that the above list of these Offbeat Destinations in India will help you to pick your desired destination and let you know about the basic information about these places. So pack your bags and explore these Unexplored places in India and give your Travel some Adventure and Thrill. Do Like and Share this post on your Favorite Social Media Platforms and let others know about these Offbeat Destinations in India.