You have probably heard in the Bollywood movies that Mumbai Never Sleeps because this city has the Best Nightlife in the Country. A Day in Mumbai may let you a buzz with the Noisy Environment and Hustle-Bustle of the Crowds, but the Nights are much More Entertaining and Exciting. The Nightlife in Mumbai has always garnered the imagination of the people from different parts of India.

Mumbai in Night - Nightlife in Mumbai


Best of Nightlife in Mumbai


Without any doubt, the Mumbai is one of the top happening cities in the world. There are lots of Places to visit in Mumbai that manages to Remain Open even after the Deadline Passes away.

Nightlife in Mumbai


It will give you an exciting experience to taste the Fabulous Food amidst the Ground Floor Dim Lights along with the Nice Music.

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The city of dreams can make you feel that you are still in your dreams while witnessing the nightlife in Mumbai. Have a look at the Things to Do in Mumbai at Night for having the experience of a lifetime.

  1. Exploring the Beauty of Chowpatty Beach and Juhu Beach

Juhu Beach in Night - Nightlife in Mumbai


Mumbai is not only famous for the money and Bollywood celebrities because there is much more to offer. Witnessing the strong and Mesmerizing Tides of the sea at night in the Beautiful Beaches of Chowpatty and Juhu will give you an ultimate Night Time Experience. You will find that the atmosphere of the beaches looks similar to that of a Carnival at the night. You may get a glimpse of a Film Shoot or a Street Play at these beautiful beaches. If you are lucky enough to find a stroll on the beach, then make yourself ready for an experience of a lifetime.

  1. Traveling in the Local Transport

Local Transport in Mumbai - Nightlife in Mumbai

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In Mumbai, the soul of every person is connected to the Public Transport. It can be defined as the Backbone of the city’s lifeline because a major portion of the people depends on it. There is a big chance that the local trains remain crowded during the daytime, but they are completely empty at the nights. You should travel on the train at night for getting an inevitable experience of the local people. This type of exciting experience will give you an Eerie Feeling to your soul.

  1. Live Music Venues

Live Music Venues, Blue Frog Mumbai - Nightlife in Mumbai


The first premier Live Music Venue of this city, the Luxurious Club “Blue Frog” has an amazing line-up of local and international artists. Since its inception in 2007, it has become an important division of the Nightlife in Mumbai. From Jazz to the Pop music, you can find it all in this Live Music venue. Apart from that, another club named “Not Just Jazz by the Bay” is also one of the Best Live Music Venues in Mumbai with regular Live Rock and Electronic Music Concerts every night. Located near the gorgeous Marine Drive, this place attracts lots of tourists who loves music.

Live Music Venue, Hard Rock Cafe - Nightlife in Mumbai


One can also Party Hard and Enjoy Live Music in popular “Hard Rock Café”, which organize such live events on a regular basis.

  1. Night Cycle Trip in Mumbai Streets

Cycling in Mumbai - Nightlife in Mumbai

If you love cycling, then there is no better way to travel through this city than a night Cycling Trip. It will turn out to be the cycling trip of your lifetime and you shall make it yourself ready for it. It is one of the best Offbeat Things to do in Mumbai and can help you to witness the True Colors of this Amazing City. You must include all the popular spots such as Shivaji Park, Marine Drive, Gateway of India and Café Mondegar in your venture. We can guarantee that this will give you a chance to watch a different side of them in the night.

  1. Enchanting Dance Floors in Mumbai

Dance Floors in Mumbai - Nightlife in Mumbai

When it comes to Dance, the Nightlife in Mumbai has no shortage of Pubs and Discs because you will be left spoilt for the choices. Visit the Escobar in Bandra to shake your legs on the beats of the latest Bollywood songs or go to the Tryst in Lower Parel, if you love incredibly Fast Beats from Hindi to English songs. Other top places to enjoy dancing in Mumbai are the China House, Trilogy, and Tote on the Turf where you may find Famous Fashionists and even Some Actors of the Film Industry.

  1. Travel through the Vasai Town at Night

Mumbai in Night 1 - Nightlife in Mumbai


This ancient touch is situated in the northern region of the Mumbai and consists of many Historical Structures such as Portuguese Crown, Vasai Fort, and Indian Catholic Saint. A night visit to this town is something that you can’t find anywhere. However, the major highlight of your tour should be the Vasai Fort where the famous song “Hymn for the Weekend” by the British Band Coldplay shot. The fort looks extremely beautiful in the night and you will get amazed by its beauty.

  1. Visit Gateway of India and Marine Drive

Gateway of India in Night - Nightlife in Mumbai


The journey to the Night World in Mumbai can’t get completed without visiting the Gateway of India. We can assure that the Night View of this Historical Landmark will remind you about the London in the night. You should click some Memorable Pictures at the Gateway of India in the night.

Marine Drive - Nightlife in Mumbai


Along with that, you can Drive Down to the Marine Drive with your buddies and enjoy the Night Breeze. Sit there and enjoy coffee while having some great conversation with your friends.

  1. Mumbai Café Bars

Best Cafe Bars in Mumbai - Nightlife in Mumbai

For the general public, Café Bars are one of the most popular Hangout Places in Mumbai at night. These are the perfect locations to unwind with your friends after a long working day. The Mumbai café bars offers a great mix of the Tasty Food with the Warm Coffee for the people during the day and Chilled Beers in the late evenings.

Mumbai Cafe Bars - Nightlife in Mumbai

There are numerous café bars in Mumbai, but some of them are the best. You can visit Café Mondegar for the Delicious Food with the Light Music or go to the Café Leopold that is located on the streets of Colaba Causeway and known as the most loved cafe in Mumbai.

  1. Photography sessions in Mumbai

Photography sessions in night - Nightlife in Mumbai


If you love to Click Selfies and Photography, then you find many street Photography Workshops around the city. They provide all the Equipment and Guide for the tourists who will take you through the place. We can bet that you can’t find a better way of exploring this city than Photographing its Beautiful Nightlife. So if you want to explore the nightlife in Mumbai in a unique way, then a perfect photography session will be the best one.

  1. Late Night Cruise on the Arabian sea

Sailing Excursion Mumbai - Nightlife in Mumbai


Just imagine the Hazy Sky on the Shores of the Arabian sea in the night with your loved ones. We are sure that just a talk about this has wakened up the Romantic Feeling into it. A Late Night Cruise is one of the best things to do in Mumbai for the Couples or Love Birds. As you are visiting one of the most beautiful cities in India, you must try something new and get indulged on the late night cruise.

Late Night Cruise - Nightlife in Mumbai

The Sailing Excursion is one of the best ways to experience the nightlife in Mumbai for the people who want some Extra Adventure. It is pretty sure that you will look to have a sailing excursion every time once you have it at night.  It will give you a chance to enjoy the Different Themes of the Mumbai and an International Style Sailing Cruise. You will never ever forget the calm waters and the cool breeze of the seawater of this beautiful city.

The Nightlife in Mumbai can give you a chance to Indulge in one of the Biggest Parties in India. From Elegant Bars and Dance Clubs to the Low-Cost Drinking Holes, you can have it all. You will love all the above places at night while your visit to the City that Never Sleeps. So Do visit one of your favorite places to hang out in Mumbai during the night to witness True Colors of the City.