India is a vast country with many places to cherish and usually called the land of many Wonders and Mysteries. This Spirituality and Attraction that India brings to its Travelers is due to places with different Facts, Mysteries, and Stories that it presents to the outer world. India Holds a Number of Mysteries about numerous places, some are decoded, some are still challenging the World to Unveil the Reality behind it. There are many Mysterious Places in India that are known to very few people. These places have a history that can Surprise People even till this day.

Mysterious Places in India

Here is the list of Top 1o Mysterious Places to Visit in India, that you should visit on your next trip to Explore the Truth and Facts about these places.

  1. Abandoned Ghost Village of Kuldhara, Rajasthan

Kuldhara Village - Mysterious Places in India

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This abandoned village 17kms from Jaisalmer is undoubtedly one of the Most Mysterious Places in India. Which is a Ghost Town Now, was once a Thriving village and Home to the Paliwal Brahmins. Legend says that Salim Singh, the Diwan of Jaisalmer, had set his mind on marrying the daughter of the village chief. He threatened large taxes on the entire village. If anyone tried to oppose him, villagers fearing the Diwans wrath and they Abandoned the village overnight. It’s said that they Cursed the Village such that no one would ever be able to Settle there again.

Abandoned Ghost Village Kuldhara - Mysterious Places in India

No one knows where the villagers finally settled, hundreds of houses lay abandoned, roofs fallen and walls were broken. The mystery nonetheless, remains and has turned it into a hotspot for anyone interested in the Supernatural. Till date, the nearby villagers close the gates to Kuldhara every night as they fear the ghosts that haunt this place and anyone who dares to stay the night in the village is spooked away by Paranormal Activities.

2. Kodinhi – The Twin Town of India, Kerala

Kodinhi Twin Town - Mysterious Places in India

Moving down south, another one of the most mysterious places in India is called Kodinhi. It is located in Malappuram district of Kerala. This place came to be known due to its Unusual Number of Multiple Births. It’s been called the ‘Twin Town” owing to a large number of twin births in the last 70 years.There are over 100 Pairs of Twins in this village. Women from here married off to places in and around Kodinhi are most likely to give birth to twins. Many believe that it is due to Chemicals In Water present in this area, responsible for twin births. There exists an association in the name of this town called “The Twins and Kins Association”.

3. Lonar Crater Lake – The Meteor Mystery, Maharashtra


Lonar Crater Lake - Mysterious Places in India

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Located at the Buldhana District of Maharashtra, Lonar Crater is a Saline Soda Lake. Formed due to a Meteor Impact. It is one of the only times when a rock hit with such high velocity anywhere on the planet Earth. The water is Saline as well as Alkaline. During hot and dry weather, after evaporation of most of its water, only soda is left. The lake used to be of volcanic origin, but now with research,  it is proved to be made out of the impact of Meteorite crater.

Lonar Crater Lake - Top Mysterious Places in India

This lake used to be part of Ashoka’s Empire as well. Many Temples exist in and around the lake. None of those are functioning and well built – they are in their ruined form. However, to honor Lord Vishnu famous temple of Daitya Sudan was built and still exists. It is one of the most Strange and Abnormal Lakes found anywhere on the planet.


4. The Holy Rat Temple of Karni Mata, Rajasthan

Karni Mata Rat Temple - Top Mysterious Places in India

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Karni  Mata Temple is where Rats are Worshipped. Deshnok is the home of this unusual temple near Bikaner, Rajasthan. People who lived here were called the Depawat’s of Deshnok. This place hosts Many Devotees from all over India – Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Bihar etc. The story behind this temple is very peculiar. Karni Mata was the wife of Kipoji Charan who lived in a village called Sathika. However, Karni was Not Interested in the Matrimony and did not entertain any sexual relationship with her own husband. Before taking up Celibacy, she tied a knot between her younger sister Gulab and her husband.

Karni Mata Temple - Mysterious Places in India

She left the village with her followers and on her way she met Rao Kanha who was not giving them any access to water. One of her followers, Rao Ridmal was named as the ruler of that village and Rao Kanha could not stand against him. This way she helped many people in conquering their villages and maintaining a peaceful society. This Temple holds a Huge Significance in people’s life in and around Rajasthan.

5. Roopkund Lake – Skeleton Lake at High Altitudes, Uttarakhand

Skeleton Lake, Roopkund - Most Mysterious Places in India

It is a Spectacular Lake present in High Altitude Glaciers of Uttarakhand. At the edge of the lake, there are hundreds and hundreds of Human Skeletons. Almost as shocking as it sounds, this place is known for this very fact. This lake is about two meters deep, every time the snow melts, the Skeletal Bones surface the water and become visible to all. It is also known by the name “Skeleton Lake”.

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H K Madhwal of Nanda Devi reserve ranger was the first to discover these skeletons in 1942. After DNA testing of these skeletal remains, it was discovered that 70 percent of these skeletal remains were of Iran Origin. However, there is no reason or justification provided to Iranian existence in this place. The story remains a mystery.

6. Levitating Stone at Shivapur, Maharashtra

Levitating Stone at Shivapur - Mysterious Places in India

Known for the Magical Levitating Stone, this village is situated in Haveli Taluka of Pune district, Maharashtra. This rock has a story of a middle-class person born to a Muslim family named Qamar Ali Darvesh. The family believed that their children were muscular and displayed physical strength. However, Qamar Ali was different, he was calm, composed and at peace. There lays a 200 Pound Stone placed near his tomb as a remainder of a message – Spiritual Power is greater than Physical Strength.

Shivapur Pune - Mysterious Places in India

According to the legends, if 11 people put their right fingers under the stone and jointly call the name “Qamar Ali Darvesh” the stone rise up higher than their hands. People also believe that there used to exist a gymnasium at the spot where the stone is placed. People who tried to remove the stone have faced great consequences, according to the fables in the village. Shivapur is one of the Mysterious Places in India.

7. The Drowning Shettihalli Church, Karnataka

Shettihalli Church - Mysterious Places in India

Shettihalli in Karnataka is the home of the Shettihalli Church. The church, built in the 1860s by French Missionaries, stands abandoned after the construction of the Hemavati Dam in 1960. As is the case with any dam, collateral damage, the relocation of people, led to the abandonment of the area, leaving the church standing, still telling tales of its history to anyone who’s willing to listen.

Every year, the Church is Partially Submerged in the water of the reservoir, and open to public visits when the waters recede. Once a Spectacular Structure of Gothic Architecture is now only a Mysterious Tourist Attraction in India. There is nothing more mystifying and melancholic than a beautiful building left to itself, reminding the world of a village now lost.

8. UFO Base at Kongka La Pass, India-China Border

Kongka La Pass - Mysterious Places in India

A Disputed piece of land on the India-China border, this pass is out of bounds for anyone and everyone. UFO sightings are not just a thing about the west, it’s right here in the Himalayas. One would quickly discard these as rumors, but the sheer number of sightings begs for a deeper inquiry. People have reported Aliens coming from the underground, Strange lights in the Sky, silent Triangle-Shaped Aircraft rising from the ground straight up into the sky and so much more.

UFO Base at Kongka La Pass, India-China Border

Almost everyone in the villages nearby has an Eyewitness Story to Tell. Some believe there’s a Secret UFO Base, some believe there is an Underground Air Force Base. Both the Chinese and the Indian governments are silent about all the sightings. The Ban of anyone from entering the pass has led to mass speculation that the government is trying to hide something, maybe someday, we’ll know the truth.

9. Jatinga – The Village of Suicidal Birds, Assam

Jatinga Assam - Mysterious Places in India

If you travel to Assam, there lies a village called Jatinga which is another addition to our list of mysterious places in India. Located in the Dima Hasao District, this place is famous for the Phenomenon of Birds Committing Suicide. It is believed that the native Zeme Naga Tribes were the first to witness this Strange behavior in which at the end of the Monsoon Season when the sun begins to fade over the horizon, the birds start to fall from the sky and crash to their deaths, frightened villagers abandoned their village fearing this to be the wrath of God. This strange happening continues to this day while people are still trying to figure out the exact cause.

Jatinga – The Village of Suicidal Birds, Assam

It’s believed that the birds are attracted to the lights at night and want to get to it, but on their way, they crash into bamboos and houses and now even buildings. Ornithologist E.P.Gee in the 1950s noted that this specific village was special since even though nearby villages were similarly lit, there was no case of bird suicides. He also noticed that the Suicides were most prevalent in the Presence of Clouds, Fog, and Mist. Whatever may be the reason, this is a very strange and not heard of anywhere else in the country.

10. Mystic Gravity of Magnetic Hill, Ladakh

Magnetic Hill Leh - Most Mysterious Places in India

Among the Numerous Spectacular Places to visit in Enchanting Ladakh, Magnetic Hill is the place which is Mystifying people from all around the World. The Hill is actually a Gravity Hill and when the vehicle’s engine gets turned off and put in Neutral Gear, some Unusual power forces the vehicles to Move Uphill dramatically. The vehicles standing Neutral can gain a speed up to 20 km while going on an uphill road. The fact is still considered as a Mystery rather than the presence of Strong Gravity in the Hill

From Magnificent Monuments to Temples to Hills the list of Mysterious Places in India that one can explore in this country is showcasing the best among all. So now don’t wait and Head up to one of these Mysterious Places and try your best to Unveil the Facts and Myths about these places.