Jim Corbett National Park is a Protected Natural Area located in the southern part of the Uttarakhand. It is the India’s Oldest National Park, which was established by the name of Hailey National Park in 1936 whereas, in 1956, it changed its name to Jim Corbett, the well-known hunter who plays a great role in its establishment.

Elephants in the Grasslands of Jim Corbett National Park

The Grasslands of Jim Corbett – Source

The Corbett National park is one of the famous Wildlife Sanctuaries in India and famous for the Royal Bengal Tiger who lives here. Due to its popularity, this national park attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world.

Flora and Fauna in Corbett National Park

The Royal Bengal Tiger - Jim Corbett National Park

The Royal Bengal Tiger in the Park – Source

The national park is home to 488 Different Species of plants and a great variety of wildlife animals such as Chital, Elephants, Tigers, Nilgai, King Cobra, Wild Boar, Flying Fox, Indian Pangolin, Hedgehog, Muntjac, Sambar Deer, Indian Pangolin and Common Musk Shrew. In addition to this, the bird lovers will be able to watch around 600 Different Species Of Birds.

Spotted Deer at Jim Corbett National Park

Spotted Deer at Jim Corbett National Park

The tourists may also get a chance to spot crocodiles, monitor lizards, wild boars, jackals and leopards in the park. The total area of the national park is 521 sq. km, making it one of the largest National Parks in India.

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Activities to enjoy in Corbett National Park

Adventure Activities - Jim Corbett National Park

Adventure Activities inside the Park – Source

The tourists can enjoy a number of activities in this national park such as:

  • Jungle Safari

Jungle Safari in Jim Corbet National Park

Jungle Safari in Corbett National Park

The most preferred activity that attracts the tourists to visit the Jim Corbett National Park is the jungle safari that comes with options such as Jeep Safari, Canter Safari, and Elephant Safari. The visitors get jeep rides that transverse through the jungle where they may spot animals such as leopards, crocodiles, elephants and much more. If the tourists are lucky enough, they may get a chance to spot the king of jungle Bengal Tiger during the Corbett National Park safari.

  • Wildlife Photography

Wildlife Photography at Jim Corbett National Park

Wildlife Photography and Bird Watching

If you are a Wildlife Photography Lover, then the Corbett National Park is a haven for you. You need to bring a digital camera because one can capture Stunning Photographs of the flora and fauna in this park. However, you need to have enormous patience if you want to capture a Perfect Shot of the Tiger.

  • Rafting

Rafting in Kosi River - Jim Corbett National Park

Rafting in Kosi River – Corbett National Park

The adventurous souls can enjoy Rafting in the Turbulent Waters of the Ram Ganga River. However, the tourists need to visit the Jim Corbett in the monsoons if they want to enjoy this thrilling experience.

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  • Fishing

Fishing in Jim Corbett National Park

Fishing in Ramganga River

The Ramganga river in the catchment area of the national park offers lots of opportunities to catch fishes. There are many Licensed Fishing Camps have set up on the river’s banks for angling especially for catching Mahseer Fishes.

Best Places to Stay in Jim Corbett National Park

There are lots of resorts and hotels located near the national park. You should make your Reservations in Advance if you are visiting the park during the peak season, i.e. November to February. Usually, the budget rooms start from RS 1200 and offer a reasonably comfortable stay to the guests.

A Resort in Jim Corbett National Park

A Resort inside the Park – Source

The deluxe rooms cost around RS 3,000 whereas the wildlife resorts available in the Corbett National Park starts from RS 4500.  Some of the best options are Corbett Machaan, Jhirna Zone, Tiger Camp, Wood Castle and Pratiksha River Retreat where the tourists will get a chance to stay closer to the wildlife.

Note: The tourists can stay for a maximum of three nights in the national park.

Food Guide

A Local Kumaoni Dish - Jim Corbett National Park

A Local Kumaoni Dish – Source

The restaurants are not permitted inside the protected area because the Corbett National Park is a tiger reserve. The tourists can find many eating options outside the protected area. The majority of the resorts have In-House Restaurants and a Bar serving different kinds of cuisines ranging from the Chinese to North Indian and Continental. Don’t forget to enjoy the local Kumaoni Dishes here.

Jim Corbett National Park Chargeable Tariff

Day Visit entry fee Indian- 200 RS and Foreigner- RS 1000
Vehicle Fee RS 500 to 1500 depending on vehicle size
Commercial Photography Indian- 500 RS and Foreigner- 1500 RS
Elephant Ride for 2 persons Indian- 300 RS and Foreigner- 1000 RS
Elephant Safari  RS 3000
Ramganaga Conducted Tour Indian- RS 1000 and Foreigner- 2000RS

Best time to visit the Corbett National Park

The Corbett National Park remains open from the November and mid-June. However, the best season to visit the park is between the mid-June to the end of February. The park remains closed during the monsoons because the roads become impassable due to the heavy rains.

How to reach Corbett National Park?

This national park is located at a distance of 260 km from India’s capital city New Delhi. The town near the Corbett National Park is Ramnagar that is well connected by rail or road with the major cities of the country such as Delhi, Nainital, Moradabad, and Bareilly.

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