Tamil Nadu is a beautiful state famous for its Exotic Arts, Colorful Culture, and Flavorful Cuisine. This state is situated in the southern end of the Eastern and Western Ghats and home to several Beautiful Indian Hill Stations. There are many elegant Hill stations in Tamil Nadu offering a scenic view of the Nilgiri Hills, Palani Hills and Cardamom Hills.

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Tamil Nadu has many popular travel destinations where the tourists can enjoy a Relaxing and Cool Holiday. In this blog, we will talk about the Top 10 Hill Stations in the state where you can enjoy pleasant weather and explore the natural beauty of wildlife.


Coonoor - Best Hill stations in Tamil Nadu


Coonoor is one of the most Popular Places to visit in Tamil Nadu and known for its production of Nilgiri Tea. The hill station is situated at an altitude of 6,070 Feet above sea level and offering the tourists a chance to explore the Panoramic View of the Lush Green Nilgiri Hills with its Valleys, Waterfalls, and Ravines. If you are a nature lover, then you should visit the Sim’s Park – a botanical park that houses different varieties of plants.

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Apart from its natural beauty, the Coonoor is an ideal base for many Trekking Expeditions leading into the Nilgiris. One of the most famous trekking trails from Coonoor is the Lamb’s Rock, which offers spectacular views of the coffee and tea plantations.

  1. OOTY

Ooty - Top Hill stations in Tamil Nadu


Ooty is amongst the most Magnificent Hill Stations in Tamil Nadu and often referred as the “Queen of Hills”. This beautiful hill station is located in the blue Misty Mountains of the Nilgiris at an elevation of 7,350 Feet above the sea level. The tourists love to spend time in the Ooty due to its cool climate. This place is assorted with lots of Cozy Cottages, Hotels, Lodges, and Restaurants. Ooty often remains flooded with lots of Honeymooners from different parts of the world. It is an ideal place for Newly Wedded Couples who are looking to start the New Journey of their life and Cherish some Wonderful Memories.

This beautiful hill station is also a paradise for the Adventure Lovers as they can enjoy activities such as Hand Gliding, Angling, Trekking and Paragliding here.


Kodaikanal - Hill stations in Tamil Nadu


Kodaikanal is one of the most Serene Hill stations in India due to its Wooded Slopes, Enhancing Waterfalls, Mighty Rocks, and a Scenic Lake. The most Enchanting Sight of the hill station is the Star Shaped Lake where the tourists can enjoy Boating and Fishing. There are many picturesque Walking Trails in the Kodaikanal such as Priest’s Walk and Coaker’s Walk where you can enjoy the beauty of nature.

If you are enjoying a vacation with your family or friends, you can enjoy a picnic near the Silver Cascade Falls, Glen Falls, Fairy Falls and Bear Shola Falls. The adventure lovers can Trek to the top of the Perumal Peak, which offers mesmerizing views of the hills.


Yelagiri Hills - Hill stations in Tamil Nadu


Yelagiri Hills is one of the most Famous Places for Trekkers in Tamil Nadu offering a good number of Trekking Trails that go through the thick reserved forests. It is one of the frequently visited Hill stations in Tamil Nadu because of its Less Polluted Environment as compared to the other commercial tourist destinations. This beautiful hill station is a Cluster Of 14 Hamlets, which lies between four mountains.

One of the major highlights of the trip is the drive to the Yelagiri Hills, where you have to climb 14 Hairpin Bends and the views along the climb can mesmerize you. Along with that, thousands of visitors come here to enjoy the Summer Festival around the end of May every year.


Kolli Hills - Hill stations in Tamil Nadu


Kolli Hills is a famous hill station located at an elevation of 4,266 feet above the sea level. This place is one of Unexplored Hill stations in Tamil Nadu, which is entirely untouched by any kind of commercial tourism activities. The tourists can enjoy Clean and Lush Green environment away from the Hustle-Bustle of the cities. The majority of the hill station’s terrain is covered with the Tea & Coffee Plantations along with the several Jackfruit Trees and Paddy Fields.

Apart from that, there are many other attractions such as enjoying the nearby Agaya Gangai Waterfalls or staying at the Eco-Camps. It is best to visit the Kolli Hills during the monsoons when the valley offers more picturesque views to watch.


Yercaud - Hill Stations in Tamil Nadu


Yercaud is situated in the Shevaroy Hills of Tamil Nadu with the dry surrounding areas. The lush greenery and pleasing weather of the hill station offers a Pleasant Break to the people who feel stressed from their hectic life. It is one of the popular Summer Hill Stations in Tamil Nadu because the temperature remains pleasant throughout the year. The tourist nicknamed this hill station as “Jewel of the South” and known for its large variety of flora and fauna.

Yercaud offers lots of attractions ranging from the Various Waterfalls to the Beautiful Viewpoints. It is a picturesque hill station on the Eastern Ghats and visitors can enjoy Trekking to the Servarayan Temple situated at a height of 5,326 feet.


Velliangiri Hills - Hill Stations in Tamil Nadu

Velliangiri Hills is an important destination in the Nilgiris and earned the popularity as the “Kailash of the South”. According to the legends, it is a holy place where Lord Shiva performed the Celestial Dance at the request of his wife. This mountain is popular as the Seven Hills because there are Seven Undulations, which make the tourists feel like they are going up seven hills.

Along with that, the Velliangiri Hills is a great option for Trekking and One-Day Trips. The trek to the Shiva Temple in the Western Ghats is a popular choice. The Adventure Lovers looking for the extreme enjoyment should stay at the night in a cave at the peak of the mountain.


Megamalai - Hill Stations in Tamil Nadu


Megamalai is popularly tagged as the “High Wavy Mountains”. It is one of the lesser known Hill Stations in Tamil Nadu, which consists several Unexplored Forests. The beauty of the hill station gets enhanced by the cardamom and tea plantations beside the thick forest cover.

The Wildlife Lovers and Bird Watchers should visit the Megamalai Wildlife Sanctuary, which offers a great variety of flora and fauna. There are more than 100 species of birds, which will be a delight for the tourists who love birds. Along with that, some of the rarest Great Indian Hornbills and fruit bats can be seen here.


Anamalai Hills - Hill Stations in Tamil Nadu


Anamalai Hills is a popular hill station in Tamil Nadu and bounded by the “Aliar and Uppar” rivers. This hill station offers Salubrious Climate to the tourists along with the Scenic Beauty. This small town is often called as the Elephant Hills because it is home to a Great Number of Elephants. Anamalai is the tallest hills in the South India, which rises up to 8,841 feet. The top attractions of this hill station are Monkey Falls, Chinnar, Manompally and Crocodile Breeding Centre.

Don’t forget to visit the Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary & National Park, which is the home of many animals such as Gaur, Sloth Bear, Pangolin, Black Headed Oriole, Green Pigeon, and Elephants. The teak forests and reservoirs add more beauty and attract lots of visitors to the Anamalai Hills.


Kotagiri - Hill Stations in Tamil Nadu


Kotagiri is one of the grandest and oldest hill stations in Tamil Nadu and located in the lap of the Nilgiri Hills at the towering height of 5,883 Feet above the sea level. It is a quiet and unassuming place with a forgettable Town Center where the tourist can have the ideal escape to red dirt tracks in the Blue Skies, The Pines and the High Green Walls of the Nilgiris. The Kotagiri hill station is popular for its Kodanad Falls, Longwood Shola Forest, Catherine Falls and Rangaswamy Peak.

If you want to see the incredible views of the surrounding valleys and the plains, you should visit the Kodanad View Point. The best thing about this beautiful town is that the tourists can find lots of Budgeted Hotels, Picturesque Resorts and Guest Houses in the Kotagiri easily. The tourists can experience pleasant and comfortable weather all around the year and it means, you can plan your trip to Kotagiri anytime.

Adventure is one of the best activities for the travelers to indulge in the Hill Stations in Tamil Nadu. The Trekking, Fishing, and Hang-Gliding are some of the main Recreation Facilities which have captured the imaginations of the tourists in the state. All the Tamil Nadu Hill Stations have their own specialty and unique beauty which makes it one of the best destinations to visit in India. These places are the Perfect Destinations to escape from the crowd and the heat of the cities.

Tamil Nadu has derived its beauty from its Traditional Woven and Natural Scenery together, which attracts Thousands of Tourists every year.  Now, you should plan your next holiday and don’t forget to include some of the above mentioned Hill Stations in Tamil Nadu.