Kerala is a Beautiful Indian State offering rich experiences and Myriad Landscapes to the tourists who visit it every year. It is the place where the Startling Blue of Sky meets the Blue of Water surrounded by the Coconut Palms. The Hill Stations in Kerala are filled with the Expansive Tea and Coffee Plantations, Scenic Waterfalls, Lakes and Panoramic Hills making it a must-visit Destination for every Traveler.

Hill Stations in Kerala -


The state is often called as “The Land of Scenic Beauty” and “The God’s Own Country” by the travelers. The National Geographic Traveler named it among the Top Ten Paradises of the world. No matter, you are on a Romantic Escapade or a Family outing; Kerala offers endless opportunities for a memorable and exciting trip.

Take a break from your working schedule and visit one of these 20 Beautiful Hill Stations in Kerala for Scenic Views and Fresh Mountain Air.


Wayanad - Hill Stations in Kerala


Wayanad is one of the most beautiful Hill Stations in Kerala surrounded by the lush Green Spice Plantations. The tourist will get a chance to see the panorama of Undulating Mist Clad Hills and Dales. The hill station is blessed with the tropical forests, rolling slopes, and nature at its Best. Along with this, it is a perfect setting for Hundreds of Great Adventures like Camping, Trekking, Hiking and much more.

Wayanad - Best Hill Stations in Kerala


The maximum area of the hill station is covered by the forests having an Exotic Range of flora and Fauna. The main attraction here is Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary where you can get a chance to witness some of the Rare Species of Wild Animals like Tiger, Indian Bison and Indian Elephant.

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Places to VisitThirunelli Temple, Chembra Peak, Banasura Hill, Lakkidi View Point and Eddakkal Caves.

Things to Do – Camping, Hiking, Cycling, Trekking, Wildlife Watching


Thekkady - Hill Stations in Kerala


Thekkady is an amazing Destination in Kerala offering a Perfect Environment to be relaxed and Explore the Wild Part of the state. Without any doubt, the tourists can enjoy a Peaceful Vacation at Thekkady. You can enjoy a boat Cruise on the Periyar Lake or opt for Trekking between the Thekkady and Kurisumala. Along with this, there are many other places to enjoy a perfect vacation in this peaceful hill station.

Places to Visit Mangala Devi Temple, Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Vandiperiyar, Gavi Forest and Spice Walk

Things to Do Trekking, Sightseeing, Wildlife Photography, Camping


Ponmudi - Best Hill Stations in Kerala


Ponmudi is located at a Short Distance from the Thiruvananthapuram. While visiting this beautiful hill station, the tourists can explore Exotic Butterflies, Small Rivulets and a Beautiful Array of Mountain Flowers. Along with that, the Ponmudi offer great opportunities for the adventure lovers.

This famous hill station is surrounded by Spice Plantations, Natural Springs, Scenic Hills, Winding Streams, Mist Covered Valleys and Tea Estates.

Places to VisitEcho Point, Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary, Golden Valley, and Stone Cottages.


Malampuzha - Hill Stations in Kerala


Malampuzha is a wonderful hill station located in the district of Palakkad. If you are looking for a place to enjoy a Family Picnic in Kerala, then it is the best place for you. This place has it all right from the Ropeway to Fish Shaped Aquariums and Full-Filled Amusement Parks to Rock Gardens. It offers Entertainment Options for all the members of the family.

Places to visitMalampuzha Dam, Thread Garden, Snake Park, Fantasy Park, Udan Khatola and Sculpture of Yakshi


Munnar - Hill stations in Keral


Munnar is famous with the name of “Natural Spa of Kerala” and situated at an elevation of 1,700m above the sea level. The hill station is situated at the confluence of Kundaly, Nallathanni and Mudhirapuzha rivers and is one of the most Scenic Hill Stations in Kerala. The tourists will get the chance to explore the exceptional Shades of Greenery, Scenic Waterfalls, Wonderful Lakes and many Trekking Trails here. The Tea Plantation around the Hills of Munnar offers such a Breathtaking Setting that no other place in India Can.

Munnar - Best Hill Stations in Kerala


Along with wonderful surroundings, there are lots of thrilling places around the hill station, which Enthrall the Visitors and make them feel extraordinary. If you are looking for a place to get relaxed and spend some Quality Time with your loved ones, Munnar is a must Visit Hill Station in Kerala. For the Wildlife Enthusiasts and Adventure lovers, Munnar has a lot to offer in the nearby Wildlife Sanctuaries. Munnar is also popular as one of the Best Honeymoon Destinations in India as the Natural Beauty and Astonishing Charm of this Place is beyond Exceptional.

Places to VisitMunnar Lake, Eravikulam National Park, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Mattupetty Dam, Lakkam Waterfalls, Anamudi Peak and Attukal Waterfalls

Things to Do – Nature Walk, Hiking, Camping, Trekking

  1. GAVI

Gavi - Hill Stations in Kerala


Gavi is one of the lesser known Hill stations in Kerala and gives their visitors a chance to explore wildlife at its best. This hill station is more beautiful, even more than your imagination as it is a Paradise for the Wildlife Enthusiasts and Nature Lovers. Along with exploring its beauty, the tourists can also enjoy many other activities such as Wildlife Watching, Camping, Jungle Safari, Trekking, and Boating. Gavi is one of the perfect destinations for the summer vacations in the Southern part of India.

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Places to VisitGavi Lake, Green Mansion, Sabarimala Temple, and Spice Gardens


 Idukki - Hill Stations in Kerala


Idukki is a spectacular hill station having 97% of its Area covered with the Forests and Mountains. The place is one of the Richest Expressions of Nature on Earth. This hill station is home to more than 10 different Peaks exceeding a height of 2,000 meters. The region is girded by the rivers of Thalayar, Thodupuzhayar and Periyar and their tributaries.

Idukki is known as the Spice Garden of Kerala and famous for the Elephant Rides, Gushing Streams, and Plantation Tours.

Places to VisitIdukki Wildlife Sanctuary, Panchalimedu, Dreamland Spices Park, Cheruthoni Dam, Hill View Park, Idukki Dam and Valara Waterfall

Things to Do Wildlife Photography, Hiking, Trekking, Plantation Tour


Silent Valley - Hill Stations in Kerala


Silent Valley is a well-preserved hill station and home to some of the rare kind and Kurumbar Tribes. The biggest attraction of this hill station is Silent Valley National Park, where the tourists will get a chance to explore 34 rare species of mammals.

The ideal time to visit the Hill stations in Kerala is from November to April, but it is better to visit Silent Valley in December or April.

Places to VisitSilent Valley National Park, Poochippara Peak, Fantasy Park, Malampuzha Dam and Palakkad Fort


Vythiri - Hill Stations in Kerala


Vythiri is a typical mixture of Peaceful Environs, Modern Amenities, and Old World Charm. It is a small hill station famous for its Plantations of Coffee, Rubber, Pepper, and Cardamom. The Evergreen Rain Forests of the Vythiri are home to a Great Variety of Wildlife. If you are a Bird Lover, you will get a chance to look at a wide variety of Migratory Birds.

This hill station is a perfect place for tourists who are looking to explore the breathtaking surroundings.

Places to VisitPookat Lake, Soochipara Falls, Chembara Peak and Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary


Vagamon - Popular Hill Stations in Kerala


Vagamon is one of the popular Hill Stations in Kerala situated 1,200 m above the sea level. If you are looking to have some peace of mind in some less crowded area, then Vagamon is the place for you. This hill station is a perfect getaway far away from the confines of the bustling city environment and noises. The perfect location of the hill station gives the tourists opportunity to Practice some Meditation.

Places to VisitVagamon Lake, Poonjar Palace, Maramala Waterfalls, Illikal Hills and Meenachil River

Things to Do – Sightseeing, Boating, Meditation, Nature Walk


Nelliampathi - Hill Stations in Kerala


This is the place where the Sky Resonates with Hues of Red and Orange and the Sun Glows with its Last Feeble Rays. Nelliampathi is one of the most beautiful hill stations, which will leave some wonderful moments in your mind. The cloud caresses peaks makes a Hypnotizing and Elegant Atmosphere, which can’t get described in words. There are lots of panoramic serene spots for Voyage Buffs and Trekkers.

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Places to VisitPothundi Dam, Parambikulam Tiger Reserve, Mattumala and Seethargundu Viewpoint

Things to Do Trekking, Camping, Hiking, Wildlife Watching


Peerumedu - Hill Stations in Kerala


The state of Kerala is known for its greenery and Peerumedu is a typical example of it. It is a small hill station, which features Sprawling Forests, Interspersed Spice and Coffee Plantations. During their visit, the tourists will get a great chance to witness the lifestyle of the Ancient Tribes of Kerala. It showcases the Green Shades of the state in a different manner to the people.

Places to VisitPeeru Hills, Patturmala, Thrissanku Hills, Sahyadri Ayurvedic Center and Grampi


 Painavu - Hill Stations in Kerala


Painavu is a popular hill station located inside the Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary. It is a small hill station where the adventure lovers will enjoy visiting many dams. They can also Enjoy Cruises between the Kulamavu Dam and Cheruthoni Dam. The tourists may get the chance to spot the Leopards and Elephants if they visit it in the winter and Rainy Seasons. The Trekking and Camping at this spot are also the great options for the tourists. There are many private bus and taxi services available to reach the Painavu hill station.

Places to VisitIdukki Hydro Electric Project, Cheruthoni Dam, and Idukki Dam.


Nilambur - Hill Stations in Kerala


Nilambur is blessed with the Vibrant Shades of the Natural Beauty and enriched with the raw nature. It is a unique mixture of culture and shadows of the colonial rule. It is one of the unique Hill stations in Kerala covered under the vast tracks of forest. This beautiful hill station is nestled on the bank of the Chaliyar River and popularly known as “Land of Teak Plantations”.

The Rosewood, Mahogany, and Venteak are the popular types of woods, which flourish in this area and make a Beautiful Landscape.

Places to VisitAdyanpara Waterfalls, Teak Museum, Central Forest Nursery, Valamthode Waterfalls and Elembalai Hill

Things to Do Plantation Tour, Waterfall visit, Jungle Safari


Charalkunnu - Hill Stations in Kerala


Charalkunnu is a scenic town known to offer Amazing Views of the Neighboring Valleys. The tourists can break the monotony and settle for some Quality Moments in this beautiful town. The visitors also have the choice of Trekking and Cycling their way around the town to discover the magic of nature. It feels amazing to view the famous shades of green covering the landscape, Wonderful Waterfalls, and the great River Pampa.

Places to VisitPerunthenaruvi Waterfalls, Chenganur, Kumbhavuruthy Waterfalls


 Thenmala - Popular Hill Stations in Kerala


Thenmala is a small hill station located in the Foothills of the Western Ghats. This town is translated into the hill, which yields honey in the local language. The major attraction of this town is the Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary spread over the area of 100 square km. The best months to visit this beautiful place are between the months of December and February.

Places to VisitThenmala Dam, Suspension Bridge, Leisure Zone, Butterfly Safari Park and Aryankavu Shastha Temple

Things to Do Butterfly Safari, Children Park, Nature Walk, Trekking


Vithura - Hill Stations in Kerala


Vithura is a perfect holiday destination where one will get a chance to explore the amazing landscape. The main factors which attract the visitors to this small hill station are its Soothing Climate and Tranquil Environment. It is one of the best places for Rock Climbing in the state of Kerala. The tourists can visit the Traditional Martial Arts School and the Rubber Plantation Estates.

Places to VisitMennmutty Falls, Agastyakoodam, Peppara Dam, Bonacaud


Ranipuram - Best Hill Stations in Kerala


Ranipuram is a beautiful hill station popular for its Eco-Tourism. It is an Unexplored Destination having a Repository of the Diverse Wildlife and evergreen forests. The adventure lovers get a great opportunity for Trekking and Bird Watching in this beautiful place. The tourists can also opt to enjoy Jeep Safaris, where they might get the opportunity to see elephants. If you are looking to visit this hill station, then you are guaranteed to have a Fun-Filled Experience.

Places to Visit – Ranipuram Hills

Things to Do – Trekking, Camping, Hiking, Jungle Walk


Malakkappara - Hill Stations in Kerala


This hill station is famous with the name of “The Tea Garden” due to the Abundance of Tea Estates founded here. It is one of those hill stations in Kerala, which is dotted with Small Streams and Scenic Natural Spots. The Photography Lovers will like the Malakkappara most as they can capture fabulous frames.

Places to VisitTea Gardens and Vazhachal Forest.


Devikulam - Hill Stations in Kerala


Devikulam is a Charming Hill Station located at a distance of 18 Km from Munnar. The Tea Plantations around the hill station add charm to the town. There are lots of Lush Green Spaces, which offer a great scope for Mountaineering and Hiking. The other highlight of this beautiful hill station is the Gum Trees in Red and Blue colors.

Places to VisitSita Devi Lake, Kanan Devan Hills, Pallivasal Falls, and Thoovanam Falls

Things to Do Gum Plantation Tour, Hiking, Sightseeing, Nature Photography

So, here you are, we have offered you complete information about the top Hill Stations in Kerala. This blog proves that a trip to witness the lush greenery of the Kerala is a must on the To-Do List of every Traveler. There is no place on this planet Earth, where you will be able to explore the Bounty of Nature in such an amazing manner.  A Vignette of Countless Memories and Captured Images will be collected by you as soon as you enter the God’s Own Country Kerala.

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