Hemis National Park is a Spectacular National Park, famous as the Capital of Snow Leopard in India. The Park lies at an altitude ranging from 3,300 to 6,000 m in the Ladakh district of Jammu and Kashmir. It is the Largest High Elevation National Reserve of India that covers the majority of the catchments of the lower Zanskar valley.

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                                A Mesmerizing view inside Hemis National Park Source

The park has a Unique Landscape that attracts thousands of Nature Lovers and Trekkers from all over the world. This National Park Tour offers the Vast Flatlands, Cold Desert, Mountains of Different Shapes & Sizes and much more.

Hemis National Park Landscape

The park is home to an incredible diversity of Himalayan Wildlife, Which also includes some endangered and rare species. Additionally, there are more than 16 species of animals living in the park that consists of Tibetan Antelope, Blue Sheep, Wild Dog, Rare Snow Leopard, Long-Tailed Marmot, Red Fox and much more.

Wildlife inside Hemis National Park

                              Wildlife inside Hemis National Park – Source

If you love Bird Watching, then you will be happy to know that the Hemis National Park wildlife also has 72 different species of birds, including Himalayan Griffon, Little Owl, Golden Eagle and Common Kestrel.

Activities to Do in Hemis National Park

There is an Abundance of Activities offered by this beautiful national park to its guest. Some of the top activities to enjoy in the Hemis National Park are:-

  • Spotting a Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard in Hemis National Park

                               A Wild Snow Leopard in the Park – Source

The Key attraction and activity in the Park is Spotting the Wild Snow Leopard.There are more than 200 Snow Leopards recorded in the Hemis National Park, particularly in the Rumbak Catchment Area. Viewing this Wild Cat Walking in this Picturesque Surroundings will turn out to be a memorable experience for you.

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  • Trekking

Trekking in Hemis National Park

                                  Trekking in Hemis National Park – Source

There are many Hemis National Park Treks that come in the limelight with the onset of the summers. The adventure enthusiasts love to trek down these High-Altitude Routes, which allow them to explore each part of the park.

  • Camping

Camping in Hemis National Park

                             Camping in the Star-Studded Night inside the Park – Source

Camping is one of the Most Popular Activities to enjoy in the park among the tourists. They love to do camping in the midst of the park to enjoy the Serene Beauty of nature. The visitors get a chance to Peep into the Wild very closely.

  • Jeep Safari

Jeep Safari - Hemis National Park

The another ideal way to explore the Hemis National Park is the Jeep Safari, which enables the visitors to view some of the Rare Species of the Flora and Fauna.

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Attractions in and Around Hemis National Park

Along with viewing the natural beauty of the park, the visitors can also enjoy some Sightseeing Activities. There are lots of beautiful spots near the park, which should be included in your Hemis National Park tour.

  • Leh Town

Leh Town - Hemis National Park

The Leh town is located at a distance of just 30 Km from the park and consists of numerous tourist spots such as the Namgyal Tsemo Monastery, Stock Palace & Museum, Thiksey Gompa and Shey Monastery.

  • Hemis Gompa

Hemis Gompa - Hemis National Park

Hemis Gompa is one of the Biggest Monasteries in Ladakh, which is located 49 KM away from the Hemis National Park. There is a rare collection of artifacts in the library of the monastery that is worth to view for the history lovers.

  • Tibetan Gompas

Tibetan Gompas - Hemis National Park

There are many Holy Chortens and Tibetan Gompas situated inside the park. Don’t forget to visit these Historical Monasteries nestled in the Rocky Terrains.


Location of Hemis National Park

                                      Location of Hemis National Park – Source


This National Park is located in the eastern region of Ladakh in the state of Jammu & Kashmir at a distance of 30 KM away from Leh.

How to reach

The tourists have to Reach Leh that is accessible from all the main cities of the Jammu and Kashmir. There are lots of Daily Buses available from the Srinagar that goes through Kargil to reach the Leh. The Leh-Srinagar National Highway opens between the period of 15 May to 15 November every year. The tourists can alternatively choose the Manali-Leh Route which remains open between the Mid-June to Early October.

The buses regularly available on the Leh-Hemis Park route.


Accommodation - Hemis National Park

The people looking for Hemis National Park Accommodation have to stay in the hotels in the nearby town as there is No Staying Option within the park. There are lots of hotels available in the Leh town and the tourists can select one according to their budget. Some of the popular hotels in Leh town are New Moon Guest House, Hotel Dragon, Hotel Namgyal Palace and Hotel Royal Palace. Alternately, Tourists can Enjoy Camping and Stay In Tents while doing Trekking in the Park.


Best time to visit the Park

Best Time to Visit - Hemis National Park

                       Beautiful Flowers in the Valleys of the National Park – Source

This high altitude park remains open throughout the year, but the ideal time to visit the Hemis National Park is from May to October because it is best for the Nature Walks and Trekking. The tourists also visit the park during the winter season when the Rare Snow Leopards comes to the Lower Valleys from the areas of High Altitude.

Important Tips

  • You should have the Permit from the Chief Wildlife Warden before entering the Hemis National Park.

  • Don’t forget to pick Walking Stick, Woolen Clothes, Electric Torch, Medical Kit, Hiking Shoes and Some Snacks in your Trekking Bag.