Some will believe it and some may deny it, there are lots of Haunted Places in India where only a few of the people dare to visit. India is a land of Undiscovered Mysteries when it comes to Ghosts and Spirits. There are thousands of people travels from around the world to visit these places fascinated by the Mystical Energy.

Haunted Places in India -

Are you a fan of the horror movies such as Conjuring or Exorcism of Emily Rose, which is based on real life stories?

If you are one of those Daring People, then it is a must read blog post for you. If the word Ghosts and Spirits fascinate you like us, you must visit one of these 20 Haunted Places in India for a Thrilling Experience.


Bhangarh Fort Haunted - Haunted places in India

Bhangarh Fort is so spooky and scary that it will always top any list of the Haunted places in India. This fort is situated in a place comes between Jaipur to Alwar City in the Rajasthan state. The fort is popular for its ruins where nobody gathers the courage to go after Sunset.

The people often hear voices of Crying Ladies, Screaming, and the Sound of Bangles inside the fort. The government has prohibited entry of the people in the fort before the sunrise or after the sun sets. 


National Library Kolkata - Haunted places in India

Over the years, there are lots of instances of spirits occurrences have been registered at the National Library in Kolkata. Many people have spotted ghosts of the laborers who died during the construction of the library. The locals say that once a student enters the library for some research in the night, but never returned back.

The library officials say that letters and papers found to be scattered on the desks every morning.


Dumas Beach Haunted - Haunted places in India

It is beautiful beach famous for its black sand among the travelers. In addition to its fascinating beauty, it is counted among the most haunted beaches in India. visitors have reported about cozy feelings and sound of whispering at the time of walking alone on the beach. The local people always avoid walking on the beach at night due to this.

Even the Dogs Embark all that Time towards some invisible thing while walking on this beach and sometimes make it difficult for their owners to control them.


GP Block Meerut - Haunted places in India

GP Block books its berth in the list of most haunted places in India because it is subjected to paranormal activities. It is an abandoned place, which is not frequently visited by the people. The people have witnessed sightings of the ghosts on lots of occasions.

The sight observed by most of the people is of four males. These males often were seen enjoying drinks together in the company of a single candle light. Along with that, some people have also witnessed a young girl wearing a red dress coming out of the house.


Ramoji Film City - Haunted places in India

Ramoji is one of the Largest Film Cities in India and that’s why there are lots of hotels in it. Some of these hotels have been reported for supernatural activities. The girls are targeted more than the boys in this city as they have reported about an Invisible Power Tearing the Clothes of Many Girls. Some of the girls have also complained that someone knocks their washroom doors while it remains locked from the inside.

Over the years, there are many preventive measures taken, but all went in vain.


Lothian Cemetery Delhi - Haunted places in India

This cemetery is located on the Lothian Road just at a distance of a half kilometer away from the Kashmiri Gate. It is famous as one of the most haunted places in India due to its scary stories. The people visiting Lothian Cemetery has often witnessed the ghost of a headless man dancing near the graves.

According to the legends, it is the ghost of a young soldier who cuts his head due to betrayal by his lover. This ghost is mostly spotted during the new moon’s night near the cemetery.


Tunnel No. 103, Shimla Haunted -Kalka Railway - Haunted places in India

Tunnel No. 103 is said to be haunted by lots of spirits. As per the people living nearby, the souls comfortably reside here due to the darkness and dampness of the tunnel. This tunnel is situated on the railway track between the Shimla and Kalka.

There are many pedestrians who have reported about the spirit of a British man talking to them. Along with this, a spirit of a woman has also been witnessed by many people while passing through the tunnel’s wall.


Dow Hill West Bengal - Haunted places in India

Dow Hill is a place located in the Hill station of Kurseong. This place is famous for its spookiness within lots of boarding schools. The people have reported hearing the inexplicable voices of footsteps near the empty corridors of the boarding school at the time of school vacations.

Along with this, the woodcutters have seen a headless man vanishing trees in the nearby forests. The locals relate the old sightings with the several murders, which have taken place in this area.


South Park Cemetery Kolkata - Haunted places in India

South Park Cemetery is a beautiful tourist spot famous for its Classical Palladian and Greek Structures. There are lots of British soldiers buried in this cemetery and a group of friends experienced Mysterious things here. Even one of them managed to catch the appearance of the mysterious fist in a photo. All the members of the group get ill soon after this event takes place.

Some others have reported about a foggy figure cutting through the early morning mist. Only visit this place if you have a great courage.


Fernhill Hotel Ooty - Haunted places in India

Fernhill is an abandoned hotel which gets closed during the frequent occurrence of the haunting and spiritual events. It is the same hotel where the shooting of movie Raaz takes place and the crew reported for lots of spooky incidents during the shoot.

The dancers who were called for a shoot in the early morning hears the spooky voices and they tried to call reception, but the phone was dead.


Grand Paradi Towers - Haunted places in India

It is a residential block situated on the Malabar hill, which is called as one of the most affluent areas of Mumbai. Grand Paradi is one of the most haunted places in Mumbai famous for the series of events took place in a flat located on the eighth floor.

In this flat, the death of the three generations of one family took place within a year. Since its construction in 1976, the building society reported to having more than 20 cases of suicides and fatal accidents.


Delhi Cantonment Haunted - Haunted places in India

Delhi Cantonment is one of the terrifying Haunted places to visit in India due to the frequent occurrence of a ghost lady in the night. There are lots of drivers who have witnessed this nightmare. Some of them died after the watching this ghost.

It is reported that this Ghost Lady often appears and disappears in front of the drivers who have experienced it. According to some locals, this lady was a Hitchhiker in her real life.


Agrasen ki Baoli - Places to visit in Delhi

Another haunted place in our list from New Delhi is Agrasen ki Baoli, which was believed to be built during the era of Mahabharata. It is a protected monument by the Archeological Survey of India and there are lots of haunted stories associated with it.

The visitors have reported about the voices of the footsteps, which becomes louder in a complete vacuum silence. Some of them have witnessed uncanny feelings while visiting the Agrasen ki Boali.


Sanjay Gandhi National Park - Most Haunted Places in india

This national park is often visited by the people during the morning and evening walks. The majority of them claimed that they have seen a female hitchhiker dressed in a white dress and ask them for a ride while passing by.

According to the guards who protect the park says that there is a real existence of the ghosts, which makes its way too eerie.


Writers Building Kolkata - Haunted places in India

This building was once the residence of the administrative staffs and junior servants and there are lots of vacant rooms closed for years.  Writer Building is one of the most Haunted places in India and now serves as the secretariat for the government of West Bengal.

Over the years, many members of the staff have reported for the mysterious and paranormal activities. Not even a single member of the staff takes the risk of working late in the evening. The people living nearby often hear the giggles and screams during the night.


Three Kings Church Goa Haunted - Haunted places in India

As per the legends, it has been said that there were Three Portuguese kings living in that area, who always kept fighting with each other for a ruling. After getting fed up with this problem, one of these kings named Holgar called the other two in the Three Kings Church.

Holgar gives poison to other two in the food and killed them. Later on, he suicides by consuming poison due to the terror of crowd who came to know about this incident. All of them buried in this church known as 3 Kings Church. and as per locals the spirits of these three kings still fight with each other for the ruling. The local has witnessed lots of paranormal activities in this church.


Brijraj bhavan Palace Haunted - Haunted places in India

We can’t forget the Brij Raj Bhavan Palace while making the list of top Haunted places in India. It is an old palace now converted into a Heritage Hotel. This place is haunted by the spirit of a British person who was killed during the war of 1857.

Some people also say that they have witnessed the ghost of a Major Burton, who was shot inside the palace with his sons. This palace is called as one of the most Mysterious places in India. You should visit this place at your own risk.


Jatinga Assam Haunted - Haunted places in India

Jatinga is a small village situated in the Assam famous for the Mass Suicide Committed by the Birds. This village is experiencing this phenomenon for lots of years.

Another interesting fact about this village is that it only happens in the non-moon days between the time of 6 PM to 9.30 PM, during the months of September and October. The mass suicides took place in a stretch of just 1 mile. Many Scientists have put their Own Theories for this occurrence, but none of them have proved yet. There are lots of travelers and researchers intrigued about this unusual happening.


Aleya Ghost lights - Haunted places in India

Aleya Lights also known as the Marsh Ghost Light is one of the most haunted places in India where the local fishermen have witnessed Unexplainable Ghost Lights. The fishermen often get confused due to these lights as it causes them to lose their bearings. If someone starts following this light it may lead to Drowning.

Some of the local residents believe that these Marsh lights are the ghost lights representing the spirit of a fisherman who died during fishing. Sometimes it helps them Avoid Future Dangers whereas sometimes it Confuses them.


Towers of Silence Mumbai - Haunted places in India

Towers of Silence is a Parsi cemetery situated near the Malabar hills in Mumbai. As per Parsi’s culture, they leave the body on the top of a tower after death to be Eaten by the Vultures.

We know just Imagination of this Scene will bring the shivers to your body. According to people, it is believed that the paranormal incidents reported in this tower in Mumbai because of the spiritual forces emanating from this place.


While this list consists of almost all the famous Haunted places in India, there are other places such as Taj Mahal Hotel, Feroz Shah Kotla, and Gujarat Technological University Campus reported cases of spiritual events. Whatever place you visit, you are sure to experience some terrifying moments.

Note – This Blog Post is compiled from information gathered from many offline and online sources. In any way, we are not trying to defame any of these Places or trying to Spread Rumors about these Places. So be very careful, and visit these haunted places and towns at your own Risk.

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