If you look at the Ocean or Large Water Bodies with the eyes of a Traveler, you can soon realize that it is a vast place. There are endless mysteries lies deep in its expenses that wait for the tourists to explore a Magical Journey. You can enjoy many Cruise Holidays in India with your family or friends for a Luxurious and Astonishing experience. These types of trips are perfectly suited for the people who don’t want to restrict their adventures.

Cruise Holidays in India - Top 10 Destinations to Go for Cruise Vacations

Have a look at the Top 10 Destinations for Cruise Holidays in India that you should explore on your next trip to Witness the Real Beauty and Adventure of Ocean, Rivers and other Water Bodies.

  1. Andaman Islands Cruise

Andaman Island Cruise - Cruise Holidays in India

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Popular as one of the Best Honeymoon Destinations in India, the Andaman Islands is one of the Most Beautiful places on Earth. Also, this place offers one of the most luxury cruises in India because of its natural beauty. It is a Paradise for the Divers as well as Beach lovers. The luxury cruise will allow you to witness the Magical sea life unfolding in front of your boat. Tourists can opt for a cruise from Port Blair either to Havelock Island or Neil Island.

Private Yacht at Andaman Islands - Cruise Vacations in India

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If you are Good on Budget and want to party with just your group of friends you can also hire a Private Charter Yacht for Extreme Privacy. This same Yacht can also be hired to visit Barren Island, Diglipur and Ross Island, but you have to pay a good amount to hire.

  1. Chilika Lake Cruise

Chilika Lake Cruise - Cruise Holidays in India

Chilika Lake Cruise is one of the Best Picturesque Destinations in India for a perfect cruise holiday. Among Best Bird Sanctuaries in India Chilika is a well-known location among the Bird Watchers. A Cruise Trip in Chilika Lake can glide you through azure waters for watching the Migratory Birds such as Falcons, Herons and Spot-Billed Pelicans. You might get a chance to Spot Dolphins at the Rajahamsa Island Beach.

  1. Kerala Backwater Cruise

Kerala Backwaters Cruise - Boat Cruise Destinations in India

The list of the Most Famous Cruises in India can’t get completed without the mention of the Kerala Backwaters. It is a Popular Cruise Destination that will take you through the Traditional villages of Kerala that cultivates rice. You will be able to explore the Picturesque Backwaters in Kerala that surround the sounds of frogs, crabs, kingfishers, and Mudskippers. If you book a berth on the Kerala backwater cruise, make yourself ready for enjoying the Authentic South Indian foods.

  1. Goa Cruise Destination

Goa Cruise Holidays - Cruise Holidays in India

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Whenever the name, Goa comes in our minds, the things that instantly strike in our mind are Beach Parties, Night Life, World Heritage Architects, and Places of Worship. However, this place is much more than that and well-known for the Princess Cruises and Cunard Line Cruises. The tourists should embark on a Fun journey on a Cruise along with the rivers in Goa and enjoy this Amazing Feel.

Casino Cruise in Goa - Top 10 Destinations to Go for Cruise Holidays in India

If you Love Gambling and ever dream of Placing bets in a Casino in India, the Goa Cruise is your only chance to Fulfill your dream. As the Government of India does not allow any Casino on Land, Goa is the only Destination in India for Playing Casino on the Cruise Boats.

Along with enjoying one of the best cruise holidays in India, you can enjoy different Festivals of Goa with your loved ones and friends.

  1. Sunderbans Boat Cruise

Sundarbans Boat Cruise - Cruise Vacations in India

If you are an Adventure Enthusiast and want to explore the cruise, then you should opt for the Sunderbans Boat Cruise that will take you through the Thick Mangrove forests and Winding rivers. This trip will give you a chance to witness the spectacular views of the Breathtaking beauty of the Sunderbans Tiger Reserve. You can see the Crocodiles lazing on the river’s banks in the sun and other animals such as Small Octopus, Jellyfish, Prawn Seeds, and Monitor Lizard.

  1. Ganges River Cruise

Ganga River Cruise - Crusies in India

It can turn out to be a Historic and Spiritual Scenic Splendor to cruise in the Holy Waters of the River Ganges. This cruise trip between the Kolkata to Farakka and Kolkata to Varanasi can give you some Amazing Memories and extreme Feeling of Spirituality. You can witness some of the Great monuments while going along the way into the small towns and villages. In short, this cruise trip will take you back to the history.

  1. Cochin Cruise

Cochin Cruise - Cruise in India

Imagine yourself on a Fancy sail along the Refreshing waves of the Sea and Breeze Touching you in the Face? Is it not amazing? We know it is and you can enjoy this kind of feeling on visiting one of the Best Cruise Holidays in India– Cochin. There are several types of cruises available in this city, according to your budget with Traditional delicacies on the Board. Generally, the weather remains perfect all the year around, making it a great place to cruise.

  1. Brahmaputra River Cruise

Brahmaputra River Cruise - Cruise Holidays in India

If you choose to cruise on the powerful Brahmaputra River, then it will turn out to be one of the most Exciting Journeys of your life where you will be able to discover the Enchanting Countryside, Marvelous BirdLife, Rural Villages and Gangetic Dolphins. This tour will allow you to enjoy the Mesmerizing views of the Beautiful riverside. In addition to that, the Scrumptious cuisine served on board will add joy and taste to your journey. The tourists can explore the Exotic river life on the beds of the Brahmaputra River and make you feel amazing.

  1. Dibru Saikhowa River Cruise

Dibru Saikhowa River Cruise, Assam

A cruise trip to the Dibru-Saikhowa river in Assam can give you a chance to explore some of the Rare Animal species of India such as Bright Colored Horses, White Winged Wood Duck, Slow Loris, and much more. It is an exciting tourist place that is ideal for the Water-Wildlife Adventure for the thrilling people. In addition to animal species, you will also get a chance to witness a Unique Topography and some of the most Beautiful Migratory Birds.

  1. Arabian Sea Cruise in Mumbai

Arabian Sea Cruise in Mumbai

Another destination for enjoying Cruise Holidays in India is having a Cruise ride on the Tides of Arabian Sea in Mumbai. It is one of the Best Fun activities to explore while you are on a visit to Mumbai. Not frequently, but one can have a chance to entertain themselves on a long Cruise Journey from Mumbai to Maldives operated from a Cruise Ship named Costa neoClassica. Also, a Cruise Trip in Mumbai is the perfect way to witness the Best of Nightlife in Mumbai.

We strongly believe that the reading about these Cruise Holidays in India has made you excited to explore the India in a unique way. The people who haven’t gone on a cruise yet should Book a ticket to one of these Cruise Vacations in India. Embark yourself on a Fun journey along the Amazing Waters of the incredible country. Don’t wait more and plan your cruise trip now!