Camping is an Outdoor Recreational Activity that allows the participants to Spend Time in the Lap of Nature out of their comfort zone. Over the years, this Adventure Activity has gained a lot of recognition among the people living in the Maharashtra. There is No Shortage of Places for Camping near Pune where you can forget your stress and have some Relaxed Time. Camping Sites near Pune offers lots of options to Enjoy Camping in various ways. You can opt for Nature Camping at Majestic Western Ghats, go for Beach Camping along the Shore or even enjoy Lakeside and Riverside Camping near Pune.

Camping near Pune -

Exploring the Camping Sites near Pune having Breathtaking Views will let you try something new and extraordinary. Here is the list of the Top 10 Camping Places near Pune:

  1. Velhe– A Quiet Place away from the Noise of City

Velhe Camping - Camping Sites near Pune

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Situated at a distance of 45 KM away from the Pune city, you can take a break and relax while enjoying a Night Camping at Velhe. Spending overnight at a comfortable camping site with your family or friends will turn out to be a Memorable Experience for you.

Velhe is the perfect place for doing lots of fun activities along with playing some games. Don’t forget to have a Campfire and Cook Barbecue near the camp to take your enjoyment to a higher level.

  1. Torna Fort- Hill Top Nature Camping

Torna Fort Trek and Camping - Camping places near Pune

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The Torna Fort Camping is a Stunning Destination for the travelers who want to discover something fresh and spending time amidst nature at the same time. Your Weekend Stress will Vanish and you will soon enter the Tranquil Atmosphere by visiting this Hill Top Camping Place.

Wake up early in the morning to view the Beautiful Scene of the Mesmerizing Sunrise from the top of the hill that will give you the feel like standing in the clouds.

  1. Kaas Plateau- Camping Amidst the Valley of Flowers

Kaas Plateau Camping - Camping near Pune

Located in the Maharashtra’s very Beautiful Valley of Flowers, this place is nothing short of a heaven on the planet earth. Kaas Plateau is a perfect destination for Camping near Pune where you will get a chance to explore more than 850 Variety of Flowers and lots of Moderate Trekking Trails.

Over the years, the Kaas Plateau has become a preferred location for the people to spend some quality time in the lap of nature. So don’t wait and plan to pitch your tent in the beautiful environs of this beautiful getaway.

  1. Bordi- Enjoy Camping near the Beach

Bordi Beach Camping - Camping Places near Pune

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The Bordi Beach is an ideal place for Camping near Pune, who is looking to Rejuvenate them in a Silent Place. The Stunning View and Calm Atmosphere can offer a Soothing Experience to the people who visits and set their camp here. Talk with your friends and plan a Group Camping near the Bordi Beach if you want to get lost on the lap of nature.

The Campsite is surrounded by the Old Bungalows and Sapodilla (Chikoo) Orchards that offer a great atmosphere to relax.

  1. Karnala- Camping in the Middle of Nature

Nature Camping at Karnala - Camping near Pune

Karnala is a beautiful place that has all the things needed out for a Perfect Weekend near Pune. A perfect place for camping with the family members, it is the experience that you should have once in your life. Situated in the Arms of the Mother Nature, Karnala is a refreshing place where you can set up your camp and have a relaxing time.

You can also opt to visit the Karnala Bird Sanctuary and watch the different species of birds. The friendly and soothing locals of this place make it one of the best place for camping near Pune.

  1. Bhandardara – Lakeside Camping in the middle of Jungle

Bhandardara Lake Camping - Places for Camping near Pune

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Bhandardara is the land of the Sapphire Lakes and Verdant Hills located at a distance of 161 KM away from Pune. There is a beautiful campsite situated near the Arthur Lake from where you can get a Panoramic View of the Beautiful Nature Trails.

You should go on a nature trail while your stay at this campsite. If you are looking to enjoy camping in the jungle, then this place will offer you an unforgettable experience.

  1. Revdanda Beach- Serene Coastline Camping

Beach Camping at Revdanda Beach - Camping Places near Pune

This beautiful beach is one of the least explored destinations that is famous for camping near Pune. It is another beach camping destination, which is still in its purest form. The Revdanda Beach is a Small Fishing Harbor that can excite your stay and make your vacation wonderful.

It is a less crowded beach near Pune where you can spend some great time in a Tranquil Atmosphere. Spend your day by participating in the Water Sports or Playing Volleyball. During night, see the Star-Filled Sky and light up a Bonfire to make the things warm.

  1. Uttan– Night Camping in the Idyllic Weather

Night Camping at Uttan - Camping near Pune

Uttan is home to a Picture-Perfect dreamlike Panorama that makes it one of the best places for Camping near Pune. There are lots of delightful sites that offer all the things you required to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Visit this Coastal Town to taste the Delicious Seafood and enjoy the Playful Shoreline which is at a short distance from Mumbai.

  1. Harishchandragad- An Exquisite Camping Destination

Harishchandragad Camping - Camping near Pune

You can get access to all the things ranging from the Trekking to Valley Crossing, Hiking, and Rock Climbing are available in this beautiful camping place near Pune.

This place has a beautiful Hilltop Campsite that offers the Scenic Views of the Pristine Terrains along with access to the number of Adventure Activities.

  1. Ghangad Fort- A Relaxing Offbeat Location

Ghangad Fort Camping - Camping near Pune

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If you are looking for a place offering exquisite and raw experiences to enjoy camping, then don’t look further than the Ghangad Fort. Situated in the heart of the Tamhini Ghat, this camping destination offers a Visual Treat to the travelers.

From the top of the fort, you can watch a Stunning View of the surroundings that will leave you Mesmerized due to its Untouched Beauty.

I strongly believe that the above places for Camping near Pune have already Increased your Heart Beats and you are looking to go to one of them during the upcoming weekend. Pack your bags and enjoy your vacations in a unique way.

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