Setting up a camp in the Lap Of Nature is a perfect way to enjoy a Tranquil Sunset and Party Throughout the Night. Camping helps an individual to grow as a person and offers an amazing Recreational Outdoor Activity. You are at the right place if you are looking towards the places for Camping Near Mumbai.

Camping near Mumbai -

 In this blog, we will tell you about the Top 10 Camping Places near Mumbai where you can have Absolute Time with your Friends or Family.

  1. Rajmachi Night Camping

Rajmachi Night Camping - camping Places near Mumbai


Rajmachi is one of the best Places for camping near Mumbai where you will have a unique experience. During the monsoon, the tourists can explore the abundance of Lush Foliage and Majestic Waterfalls in the Rajmachi. The campsite has its own lake that hosts an Ancient Temple. Pitching a tent near the lake and enjoying Campfire will offer a memorable experience for you.

The adventure lovers can Trek to the Rajmachi Peak that is home to the two beautiful forts named as Manaranjan and Shrivardhan.

  1. Adventure Camping in Lonavala

Adventure Camping in Lonavala - Camping near Mumbai


Lonavala is one of the Famous Campsites in India that offers something for the Travelers of Every Age. This beautiful hill station is nestled in the deck of  nature and offers a Calm Atmosphere for the Spending Nights under the Stars. You can engage in Hiking, Zorbing, and Trekking along with the exploring the nature in the best possible way.

You will be able to Unleash Yourself and let the refreshing atmosphere of the Hill Station to have a full control over you.

  1. Beach Camping at Kashid

Beach Camping at Kashid - Camping near Mumbai


Kashid is the ideal place for Camping near Mumbai to have some mental relaxation and break from your hectic routine. You will be able to exchange the Tarmac and Worries of city life with an exotic Mixture Of Sand, The Sun, and Total Relaxation.

The campsite is located away from the main tourist spot that let the adventure lovers enjoy the Unpolluted Water and Pristine White Sands at their Leisure.

  1. Monsoon Camping at Malshej Ghats

Monsoon Camping at Malshej Ghats - Camping near Mumbai


There is no need to give any introduction to the Malshej Ghats as it is a well-known Monsoon Destination.  It is situated at some distance from the Khireshwar village that gives a beautiful view of the Harishandragad with its Taramati and Citadel peaks.

Enjoying the Tented Accommodation near the lake along with a Campfire having a Barbecue Set above will give you some of the Most Memorable Moments of your life. Don’t forget to bring an extra pair of Warm Clothes as it becomes cold in the night.

  1. Nature Camping at Karnala

Nature Camping at Karnala - Camping near Mumbai


Camping experience in Karanala will let you surrender yourself to its scenic beauty and unravel your mind from the workload. This Campsite is located in a Bird Sanctuary, which will give you an enchanting experience that you may not find anywhere else.

Along with enjoying camping in the Countryside of Karnala bird sanctuary, you can also opt to Trek and Hike your way to the Mystic Hills. I am pretty ensured that you will fall in love with the mother nature and comes to this Picturesque Location for camping in Mumbai again and again.

  1. Camping at Pawana Lake

Camping at Pawana Lake - Camping near Mumbai

Pawana Lake is a beautiful campsite situated at a distance of 7 KM away from the Lonavala from where you can Trek to reach this place. You will be able to enjoy a great view of the Scenic Rock Structures in the Green Valley Forests during the tour.

Pawana Lake is one of the best places for Camping near Mumbai where you will also get a chance to indulge in Different Adventure Activities with the Delicious Food in the open field.

  1. River Camping in Wai

River Camping in Wai - Camping near Mumbai


Wai  is a comfortable location situated near the Banks of Krishna River with its stunning surroundings. The campsite is near the River and you can indulge yourself in a number of Adventure Activities. Get lost in the splendor of this Picturesque Location by enjoying and relaxing the tranquility of the Krishna River along with your Campsite.

In addition to this, the campsite offers a wonderful scenery and Panoramic View of the Kate’s Point. If you choose to visit this place in the Winters, you will get a Much Better Experience of camping.

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  1. Camping Under the Stars in Uttan

Camping under the stars in Uttan - Camping near Mumbai


Uttan is a little Seaside Town having idyllic weather, Peace-Loving Locals, Glittering Coastline, the Pristine Beaches and the Delectable Seafood. This place is the delight for all the nature lovers and surrounded by the Thickly Forested Hills.

A unique thing about enjoying the camping in Uttan is that it will allow you to camp under the stars. In short, you will get an amazing treat.

  1. Camping near the Beach in Goa

Camping near the beach in Goa - Camping near Mumbai


There are only some places in India that are as relaxing and enjoyable as Goa because it is a memory of a lifetime to travel here with the close friends. This is one of the perfect places for Camping near Mumbai where you can stare at the sky and hear the sounds of the waves crashing down.

You can enjoy Night Parties near the beach or taste the Unique Seafood of the Goa. Imagine Cooking Barbecue near the camp with a Chilled Beer in hand. Transform this dream into reality in the upcoming vacations.

  1. River Camping in Vasind

River Camping in Vasind - Camping near Mumbai


There is nothing better to explore the nature in its untouched form in the Vasind. Enjoying a Cup of Coffee in a tent Sitting on the Hilltop while getting lost in the Sunset’s Beauty is nothing shorter than a paradise. It is a beautiful campsite away from the hustle-bustle of the city and offers a delightful experience for the people who are looking to spend some Quality Time in Silence.

This campsite is made for the people who are looking for a break and want to Rejuvenate themselves for the Upcoming Weeks.

So if you are an adventure lover and looking to explore the best places for Camping Near Mumbai, then it is the right time. Spend your weekend at one of the above Lovely Camping Places and feel the nature at its best.