Tourism in Karnataka has become a Delight for the Tourists visiting from various parts of the country and also from different countries. Many tourist spots have formed from the past few years with the most of them are around the capital city Bangalore. The location of these tourist spots is the important factor for the tourists as the planning becomes easy with the accessibility to Bangalore. There is no shortage of Adventure Activities like Camping near Bangalore and people can also opt for activities like Trekking, Hiking, and Water Sports while on a camping adventure.

10 Best Places for Camping near Bangalore - Adventure at its Best

For those who love nature and want to spend some quality time by Pitching their Tents in the Forest, Camping is the Best option for them.

Some of the important Tourist Destinations which people consider as Best for Camping near Bangalore are explained below.

  1. Anthargange – Amidst Hills, Caves, and Forest

Anthargange - Camping Near Bangalore

Anthargange is the Famous Hill Range that is situated in the southern part of the Karnataka in the mountain called Shathashrunga Mountain Range. This famous place in the Rocky Hills has a temple which is considered auspicious by many people. The Temple has a Small Perpetual Spring where water flows continuously from the mouth of the stone bull called Basava. One more interesting fact is that some parts of the hills are of granite and it has Many Caves surrounding the Rocky Hills.

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The Anthargange Trek is considered as one of the top five treks in Karnataka district. Many people who are interested in Trekking, Rock Climbing, Cave Exploration and Night Camping consider this place as one of the best spots for camping near Bangalore.

Distance from Bangalore – 70 km

  1. Savandurga – Camping on the Largest Single Rock of India

Savandurga - Best places for Camping near Bangalore

Trekking at Savandurga is an enjoyable activity for those you are in need of a quick break from work near Bangalore. Savandurga is one of the Largest Single Rock Formations in the entire Asia and the River Akravati can be viewed from the top of the cliff. Trekking, Rock Climbing, Corporate Excursion are the most preferred activities done at Savandurga. Trekking at Savandurga is an extremely popular activity, which makes it the best place for Camping near Bangalore.

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Savandurga Camping - Places for Camping near Bangalore

There are actually Two main Trails that head up to Savandurga, Karigudda, and Billigudda.  For adventure seekers, Karigudda can be a satisfying trek, but Billigudda is a hard one. Spending some days in Savandurga by pitching your tent in Nature is really a Rejuvenating Experience.

Avoid Trekking alone and especially in Rainy Season as the rocky slopes become very slippery and it is dangerous to move on these slopes.

Distance from Bangalore – 60 km

  1. Bheemeshwari – For the Watersports Lovers

Bheemeshwari Camping - Camping near Bangalore

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Bheemeshwari is a small town near Bangalore on the banks of Cauvery River, which is a popular tourist spot famous for its Natural Beauty. This town is mostly preferred by many people who are tired of the routine busy life in the cities due to their work and interested in spending the time Amidst Peaceful Nature. The Flora and Fauna in the town are the special attraction with a wildlife which is exotic consisting different types of animals like Wild Boars, Deer, Jackals, Crocodiles, and Leopards.

The other facilities which attract many tourists from many parts of the world are Trekking, Fishing, Kayaking and the Boating among the Beautiful Surroundings and scenery. Some of the interesting camps present in Bheemeshwari are Bheemeshwari Adventure and Nature Camp (Jungle Lodges) and  Cauvery Fishing Camp.

Distance from Bangalore – 100 km

  1. Kalhatty Mountain Camp – Inside the Nilgiri Mountains

kalhatty Mountain Camp - Camping places near Bangalore

Kalhatty Mountain Camp is popularly called as Dutch of Kalhatty which is present in one of the oldest mountain ranges called The Nilgiris. It is present in the southern part of the Indian subcontinent with an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level and the Climate is Salubrious all over the year. The temperature here is very pleasant varying between 10 and 25 degrees.

The Flora and Fauna are one of the Major Attractions with many Endangered Species, which are mostly not seen by many people all around the nation. This makes Kalhatty one of the prettiest places for camping near Bangalore.

Kalhatty waterfalls are the other major attraction which has the Tented Accommodation, Jungle Camps, etc. Jeep safaris and the Camp Fires are some of the other added advantages for the tourists in this spot.

Distance from Bangalore – 265 km

  1. Doddamakali –  Best River Camping near Cauvery 

Doddamakali - Camping Places near Bangalore

Doddamakali Nature Camp is situated on the banks of the river Cauvery, which is surrounded by the jungle with the different types of birds and animals and it keeps us close to nature. Many people consider this as one of the best camping places near Bangalore because it provides the tourists with a perfect weekend destination. Some of the interesting events present in this tourist spot are Bird Watching, Trekking, and Coracle Ride.

Camping in Doddamakali - Places for Camping near Bangalore

The presence of the other important facilities is one of the major advantage here. The room provision and food service create the utmost convenience for the passengers traveling there. Doddamakali is the place recommended to the Nature Lovers and Bird Watchers and the people who want to hang around there enjoying the Serenity of the Waters.

Distance from Bangalore – 115 km

  1. Manchinbele – Pitch Your Tents near the Lake

Manchinbele - Camping Places near Bangalore

Manchinbele is a Spectacular Reservoir situated 45kms from the Bangalore city. It not only serves water to the nearby villages but also offers an amazing opportunity of Water Sports Adventures. This spot is an ideal weekend getaway and is quite often thronged by visitors seeking a break from a packed work schedule. One who loves water sports and adventure; this is the perfect spot for them. Water sports like kayaking and swimming and outdoor sports like volleyball, football, cricket are the must-to-do things at Manchinbele.

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Manchinbele Camping - Top Destinations for Camping near Bangalore

The place is also an ideal getaway for Trekking and Rappelling.  There are a few local tours and travel companies that offer a day trip as well as the Camping Tours at Manchinbele. The place is too delightful and its hard to leave and one must definitely visit it.

Distance from Bangalore – 45 km

  1. Ramanagara – On the Rocky Outcrop’s of Sholay

Ramanagara Camping - Camping near Bangalore

Remember that location of Rocky Outcrop’s where Gabbar Singh Asked his men – “Kitne Aadmi the Samba”. Yes, you are getting it Right, the evergreen movie of the Indian film industry – Sholay, was filmed here. The movie was iconic and the iconic status rubbed off on Ramanagara. Rock Climbing, Bird Watching, Meditation is the preferred activities done here.

Ramanagara - Places for Camping near Bangalore

Major Attraction in Ramanagara is Janapada Loka, an open air theater where folk music and cultural plays are frequently organized to preserve and promote the Rich Folk Culture of Karnataka. Other attractions include Channapatna, a place well-known for its Handcrafted Wooden Toys and art crafts, Mekedatu a famous picnic spot for tourists and several other local temples and caves. This is one of the best spots to Halt and Camp near Bangalore.

Distance from Bangalore50 km

  1. JenuKallu – A Perfect Valley Retreat

Jenukallu Valley Resort - Places for Camping near Bangalore

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JenuKallu Valley Resort is located near the village named Devaldkere in the Western Ghats. The resort is located in the JenuKallu Hills which are the second highest peak in Karnataka and it gives the most beautiful view of the mountains present there. The other major interesting surroundings are coffee plantations with greenery all around it, gushing streams of water, beautiful sunset, etc.

The interesting observation that makes this place Special is the Fresh air which always carries the fragrance of jungle flowers, coffee, pepper, and cardamom.   A visit to nearby Waterfalls is an added attraction of Jenukallu that makes it one of the best Places for Camping near Bangalore.

Distance from Bangalore265 km

  1. Kanakapura – Camp in Nature near the City

Kanakapura - Camping near Bangalore

Kanakapura is a colorful city and full of life. The area nearby Kanakapura road is famous due to the production of silk and granite. This area is completely surrounded by green forests and rich wildlife.  A ride between this forest that is covered with tall and wide trees is a mesmerizing one. There are many amazing things to do here among which Trekking and Water Sports are must do activities. Many Tour operators offer Day Outing Trips, Corporate Outing Trips and Camping and Trekking Trips at Kanakapura.

Distance from Bangalore – 60 km

10. Bananthimari Betta – For the Trekking Lovers

Bananthimari Betta - Best Places for Camping near Bangalore

Bananthimari Betta, just a few km from Kanakpura is an unknown and less frequently visited place yet it is a wonderful place for Camping near Bangalore. If you love to trek between the mountains and watch the beauty of nature precisely, this place is a perfect holiday destination for you.

The Bananthimari Temple at the base of the Kanakpura hill is a good starting point for your trek. Wildlife, Forts, flora and fauna of this place add to your Trekking and Camping experience. Trekking, Rock Climbing, Bird Watching, Rappelling are the must-to-do activities at Bananthimari Betta.

Distance from Bangalore – 65 km

In a busy city like Bangalore, people always find it hard to relax and take time out for their family and loved ones. A small break not only Rejuvenates Your Soul, Mind, and Relations but also helps you to Stay Focused at work. Bangaloreans are too lucky to have so many trip options for Camping near Bangalore that are Budget Friendly yet exciting!