If you are looking to enjoy a Perfect Vacation away from the crowd, then you should Head Straight to the Beaches in Kerala without any second thought. Kerala has Coastline Stretches to more than 580 kilometers, which makes it easy to find lots of beaches in the state. The state is well-known for its Lush Green Hill Stations, Coconut Trees, Backwaters, and Spectacular Beaches.

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There are a number of beautiful Beaches in Kerala, which will make you mesmerize in the lap of nature. Kerala is Truly A Paradise where you can admire the Horizons and love the Crystal Clear Water of Elegant Beaches.

In this blog, we have made the list of Top 15 Beaches in the state of Kerala which you should visit during your next vacation.


Marari Beach - Beaches in Kerala


Marari Beach is one of the Golden Sand Beaches in Kerala, which offers a Peaceful and Quiet vacation to the visitors. Here you will get a chance to explore the Traditional Fishing Villages of the Kerala and virgin territory to experience Local Charm at its best.

It is an ideal location for a Calm vacation with the coconut trees, which lines the sandy white shore on the beach. This beach offers endless miles of coconut trees and empty sands by the sea side. Don’t forget to Enjoy Food at the Choola Restaurant, Flamingo Restaurant, and Apsara Hotel. We can guarantee that you will be able to enjoy the serenity of this beautiful beach.


Alleppey Beach - Top Beaches in Kerala


Alleppey is popular for Houseboats, Backwaters, Coir and Fishing Industry. The Alleppey beach has a 137-year-old pier that further expands into the sea, which is one of most Famous Tourist Spots in Kerala. It is a famous picnic place and that’s why it is a favorite gateway for the locals.

The tourist can enjoy a lot of Adventurous Activities at this beautiful beach such as boating or enjoy at the Vijay Beach Park with Toy Trains. You can also visit an Old Lighthouse near the Alleppey beach, which is a must watch for the visitors. In addition to this, Alleppey is famous for the grand event of the Nehru Trophy Boat Race taking place every year in the August month.

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Kozhikode Beach - Best Beaches in Kerala


Kozhikode is one of the Best Beaches in Kerala if you are looking to witness one of the most beautiful sunsets in the state. It is a Secluded Beach, which is a Paradise for the Nature lovers. There are Two Piers stands in the middle of the sea and the Beautiful Hues from the setting sun offered the Horizon Beyond Imagination.

There is also a Lighthouse on the seaside which offers stunning views of the Arabian Sea and Seashore. The shore of the beach is a perfect place for spending an evening. If you are on a vacation with family, then you can visit Lions Park, situated close to the beach which is a good facility for the children.


Bekal Beach - Best Beaches in Kerala


Bekal beach is a beautiful place offering a Spectacular View of the Bekal Fort and the palm fringed background. This beach is Clean And Long, which makes it a fantastic place to Relax and Meditate. The beach is located near the Karnataka border and popular for its magnificent views. The tourists will able to Witness the Backwaters, which connects the Arabian Sea. Spending some time on the beach is perfect for each and every nature lover.

There is adjacent part and play near the beach for kids where they can enjoy lots of Fun Activities. It is recommended to enjoy Sitting on the Rocks around the Bekal fort in the evening.


 Kovalam Beach - Best Beaches in Kerala


Kovalam is one of the most magnificent Beaches in Kerala because of the low tidal waves and shallow waters. This beach comes into the limelight in the early seventies when the masses of hippies arrive. There are three beaches in the Kovalam named as Light House Beach, Crescent Beach and Hawah Beach. It offers a pretty Relaxed Atmosphere to the tourists where they can enjoy their evening.

There are many activities which can be enjoyed by the tourists on the Kovalam beach such as Motor Boat Ride, Surfing and a Wooden Boat Ride on Catamaran.


 Kappad Beach - Beaches in Kerala


Kappad Beach is a well-known place located at the point where the Vasco DA Gama first landed in 1498 during their first visit to the Kerala state. You may get a chance to watch the fishermen going out for Fishing and spread their caught fish on the beach in the evening. There is also a 100-Year-Old Temple and a Rock-Strewn Headland stretching into the sea.

It is a Charming Beach, which is perfect for relaxation and enjoying some play with the sand.  Also, it is great to watch the Sunset in the Combination of River and Sea while your visit to the Kappad beach.


Cherai Beach - Beaches in Kerala


In the Ernakulam District of Kerala, Cherai is a Lovely Beach bordering the Vypeen island, making it perfect for the people who Like Swimming. There is a stone wall on the beach to avoid the high currents to enter the civilian areas and roads. The Roads Run Parallel to the beach whereas there are Resorts on the Other Side of the road. If you are lucky, you may get a chance to see the Dolphins.

Cherai Beach is studded with Seashells of several shapes and hues. There is also a Tourism Festival organized every year in the month of December on this beach. Along with that, there are Water Scooter and Speed Boats available to explore the beach.

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Varkala Beach - Best Beaches in Kerala


Varkala is one of the top picks when it comes to Beaches in Kerala, which is divided into two parts known as Southern area and Northern area. The main attraction of the southern part is the Sacred Hindu Temple, whereas the other side is the Main Spot for the Tourist Activities. The main reason for the popularity of the beach is that it is situated Underneath a cliff.

In addition to these two places, there is one more Small Beach named as Black Beach because of the presence of the Black Sand. The Black beach is a paradise for the people who want to explore the Arabian Sea from the Top of a cliff.


Payyoli Beach - Beaches in Kerala

Payyoli Beach is blessed with the swinging palm trees and Beautiful Stretch of the Golden Sands. Spending vacation on this beautiful beach will take your breath away with its Pleasant Atmosphere and Astounding Surroundings. Payyoli is an exquisite beach, which has shallow waters bordering the Velliyamkallu.

There is a calm atmosphere surrounding the sea and make it ideal for the people, who want to do some Water Sports Activities such as Rafting, Windsurfing, Speed Boating and Paragliding. The visitors should walk to the Thikkodi Lighthouse, which was built after a shipwreck and is the best place to explore the Calming Beauty near the Beach.


Beypore Beach - Beaches in Kerala


Beypore is one of the most beautiful places out of all Kerala beaches, which was once an important port for the trade with the Europeans, Arab, and Chinese travelers. The commercial center of this beach for ship building existed for more than 1000 years ago and famous for manufacturing Distinctive Ship Vessel named as Uru.

The main attraction of this beach is the Magnificent Stone Bridge, which makes a Pathway into the sea. The thing that makes this bridge special is that it only built of the stones. You can witness lots of birds such as Cranes, Kites, Egrets, and Curlew hunting for fish while walking through the bridge. Don’t forget to shop the Souvenirs of Kerala from nearby shops at the Beypore Beach.


kappil Beach - Beaches in Kerala

Kappil is one of the most Isolated Beaches in Kerala, which has now started to draw tourists from the rush of the cities. This beach can be defined as somewhere between the unexplored but soon to be commercialized as the Number of Visitors have grown over the years. The Kappil beach is perfect for the Couples, Poets, and people who are looking for the Solitude.

The Picturesque Beauty of the Beach can’t be described in the words as you have to visit it to get know about completely about the Essence of this place. A very thin line of the sand beach separates the Arabian sea from the Edava-Nadayara Lake. You can choose to enjoy activities such as Sunbathing, Water Sports, and Swimming at this beach.

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Thirumullavaram Beach - Beaches in Kerala


Thirumullavaram Beach is a Secluded Place, which has a Beautiful and Clean Holiday Destination. It is located 6 km north of the Kollam in the Kerala state. There is a Njayarazhcha Para (A Huge Rock) situated about one and a half kilometer into the sea, which can be seen from the shore at the low ride. Also, there is Beautiful Temple known as Mahavishnu Temple located near the beach, where thousands of people gather every year to pray for their dear ones.

The beach offers a Panoramic View of the sea and gives lots of opportunities For Sunbathing, Swimming and Relaxing to the visitors. The Thirumullavaram is considered as one of the Safest Beaches in Kerala where even kids can swim in peace due to low Tides.


Ezhimala Beach - Beaches in Kerala


Ezhimala Beach is a popular beach where the people can Spot Dolphins and get a chance of watching them dancing and playing over the water. The unique type of Sand Texture and Extra Blue Water of this beach makes it a Must-Visit Place in the Kerala. The main specialty of this beach is that it is Defined By Seven Hills. The Ezhimala beach is one which should not be missed during the tour to Kerala.

While visiting this beach, you will find that there is a distinct beauty around the place. Furthermore, the Coconut and Palm Grooves give a fascinating view of the Sunset. According to the legends, the Lord Buddha visited this beach during their journey in the country. The mysticism of the Beach’s coastline is a great thing to unveil for the nature lovers.


Chavakkad Beach - Kerala Beaches


Chavakkad Beach is known for its Exceptional Beauty and less commercialization. It is an enchanting beach, which lies on the coast of the Arabian sea. This place is one of the best out of all Kerala beaches having full of Scenic Views and one can Explore it with Complete Privacy. There is also boating available on the Country Fishing Boats in the Chavakkad Beach.

If you are with your lover, then you should enjoy a Candlelight Dinner at the beach and experience a Romantic Walk on the Arabian Sea’s Sizzling Coastline. The tourists can indulge them in many exciting activities such as Sunbathing, Fishing, Bird Watching, Volleyball, Swimming and much more. The beach is home to a large number of Migratory Birds, which gives a chance to watch the amazing creatures to the tourists.


PAYYAMBALAM BEACH - Best Beaches in Kerala

Payyambalam is one of the most beautiful and serene Beaches in Kerala, which is located at the Kannur Town. The quiet and beautiful stretch of sand and surf makes it one of the best places to relax in the evening. It is a Popular Picnic Spot for the local people and offers lots of potential for development into a massive tourist spot.

One of the most interesting attractions of this place is the Beach Garden, which has a couple of Attractive Structures such as the statue of Mother and Child. This beach has featured in lots of South Indian feature films such as Alai Payude and much more.


There is a long list of Beaches in Kerala, and the Beauty and Tranquility of these can’t be written in the words. Each and every beach of the state has its own Beauty and Charm, giving its name of “God’s Own Country”. It is a wonderful state which knows how to treat their visitors through these Charming Beaches. If you are looking to spend some Quality Moments with your family and friends, then you should visit the Kerala Beaches and give yourself a Perfect Treat. Plan your trip today and get away from the Hustle-Bustle of the city. This land of Gods will make your trip Memorable and Enchanting for Sure.