The meaning of a perfect Beach Holiday varies traveler to traveler. The adventure lovers choose to explore Water Sports whereas the poetic souls love to stare at the rise of the Rhythmic Waves of the beaches. Apart from that, the Food Lovers like to enjoy a plethora of Seafood that you could just savor on and on. If you are looking to visit the state of Karnataka, then don’t miss the Beautiful Beaches situated there. There are lots of beautiful Beaches in Karnataka that offers Scenic Views and Relaxing Moments to the visitors.

Beaches in Karnataka -


Have a look at Top 15 Beaches in Karnataka state listed below which will offer you  Fun-Filled Beach Vacations for Sure:

  1. Gokarna Beach

Gokarna Beach - Best Beaches in Karnataka


Gokarna is one of the must-visit Beaches in Karnataka that offers something for all types of Travel Bugs. Be it a chance to experiment different types of sea foods or enjoying Banana Boat Rides, this beach has it all.

In addition to scenery lovers, the Gokarna Beach also draws both the pious pilgrims due to the Ancient Shiva Temple situated there. According to the legends, the Ravana stopped here for the evening prayers while going back to Sri Lanka. Every year, Shivratri festival is celebrated in this temple with full of dedication and worship.

  1. Kodibag Beach

Kodibag Beach - Famous Beaches in Karnataka

Kodibag Beach is one of the most Beautiful Beaches in Karnataka from where the visitors can see an amazing view of the Sunset. You will feel great to have a Relaxing Time with some fun at this beach, especially if you live in the crowded city.

In the evening, you can have a soothing experience by having long leisurely walks in the cool beach sands. Kodibag beach is a perfect destination for the Adventure Lovers where they can enjoy activities such as Kayaking, Canoeing, Banana Boat Riding and Paddling.

  1. Om Beach – Near Gokarna

Om Beach, Gokarna - Beaches in Karnataka

The beach got its name due to the Two Semi-Crescent Shapes that joined together and make the Hindu religious symbol Om. This beach is frequently visited by the foreigners from different parts of the world. Om Beach is well maintained and have lots of Commercial Resorts and Restaurants in the close vicinity.

The biggest benefit of this beach is that it doesn’t have beach rules and remains open to Bonfires and Camping on the beach. Apart from that, the beach is a center for different kinds of water sports activities such as Parasailing, Banana Boat Rides, Boating, and Surfing.

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  1. Kurumgad Beach

kurumgad Beach - Beaches in Karnataka

Kurumgad Beach is on a beautiful Tortoise Shaped Island that is popular for the Narasimha Temple. There are thousands of religious devotees visit this beach at the time of the annual fair. It is a perfect place to enjoy Adventure Sports Activities such as Fishing, Trekking, Tidal Pool, Snorkeling, Treasure Hunts and Boat Rides.

We can guarantee that the sight of the Gray Sea and the Palm-Trees along with the coastline will soothe your eyes. Apart from that, you will treat your eyes by watching lots of sea animals such as Dolphins and Otters that can be found near the island.

  1. Murudeshwar Beach

Murudeshwar Beach - Beaches in Karnataka

Murudeshwar Beach is a beautiful place situated amidst a perfect mixture of Natural Blue Waters lapped by a beautiful Landscape of Hillocks and mountains in the background. The tall coconut trees make a perfect ambiance for the visitors. The cool water and bed gentle waves make it perfect for the Swimming, but you need to aware of the strong currents to stay safe. The Main Attraction of the beach is the Murudeshwar Temple having a Huge Statue of Lord Shiva which is visible from long Distances.

Don’t forget to visit the Netrani Island while your visit to the Murudeshwar which is popular for Scuba Diving and Snorkeling.

  1. Malpe Beach

Malpe Beach - Beaches in Karnataka


Malpe Beach is one of the Finest Beaches in Karnataka having an endless stretch of Golden Sands, Clean Waters of the Arabian Sea and graciously Swaying Palm Trees. All these things make it a perfect for memorable and relaxing moments.

There is a set of Four Small Islands that can surprise you with its creative beauty and Scenic Views. The Malpe Beach is easily accessible from the Manipal and Udupi that are situated only 6 Kilometers away.

  1. Half Moon Beach – Near Gokarna

Half Moon Beach, Gokarna - Beaches in Karnataka


Half Moon Beach is one of the Lesser-Known Places to visit in Karnataka where one can have some relaxing moments. This beach looks extremely beautiful with its Minimalistic Setting in the nights when the sky looks clear with Millions of Stars. However, you may find only a couple of restaurants and limited facilities on the beach.

The Half Moon beach is perfect to enjoy the Swimming. You can reach here through Boats from Gokarna Beach and Om Beach.

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  1. Maravanthe Beach

Maravanthe Beach - Beaches in Karnataka

No list of the Most Beautiful Beaches in Karnataka is the Maravanthe Beach. There is an ancient Maraswamy Temple that makes it a very picturesque frame. The beach has a Mountainous Backdrop of Kodachadri Hills, making it one of the must-visit places in Karnataka. The Beach is just next to NH-66 and Suparnika River flows to the Other Side of Highway making an Extraordinary Scenery at the beach.

During the night, the Street Lights reflected in the water further added charm to its beauty.  You can also Enjoy Swimming with your friends or family in the Maravanthe Beach.

  1. Karwar Beach

Warship Museum, Karwar Beach - Beaches in Karnataka

Karwar is a lesser developed destination that is a replica of its neighbor state Goa. You can enjoy lots of water sports on the Karwar beaches such as Dolphin Spotting, Kayaking, Snorkeling and Banana Boat Rides. The major beach is known as Rabindranath Tagore Beach that is perfect for a swim even with the kids. There is also a Warship Museum near the beach that displays the Indian Navy’s Life.

Don’t forget to taste the popular Seafood Cuisines of the Karwar Beach in the evening. You can find plenty of Food Carts around the beach that time.

  1. Someshwar Beach – Near Mangalore

Someshwar Beach - Beaches in Karnataka

Someshwar Beach is one of the less-explored Beaches in Karnataka. This beach is in a pristine condition because it is visited by the low number of tourists. The surroundings have Large Rocks known as Rudra Shile and you can witness the power of nature when the sea waves dash against the rocks.

Don’t forget to climb the Ottinene Hillock to explore a Gigantic View of the Netravati River that winds its way to the sea via Mangroves.

11. Paradise Beach – Near Gokarna

Paradise Beach Gokarna - Beaches in Karnataka


Paradise Beach is also known as Full Moon Beach, where you can take your gang of friends to have some memorable moments. The travelers generally prefer to Trek Through the Forest to reach the beach. This calm atmosphere of the beach will let you forget all the worries of your life and make you feel Completely Relaxed.

The beach features long Streches of Palm Trees and Tropical Almonds. In addition to this, there are many Large Granite Rocks at the both ends of the Beach.

  1. Ullal Beach – Near Mangalore

Ullal Beach - Beaches in Karnataka

Ullal Beach is arguably one of the best among the many Beaches in Karnataka. The beach has a Stretch of Coconut Trees and the lane of Fisherman Boats that makes it a Picturesque Place and creates a lovely attraction for tourists.

Other top attractions of the Ullal Beach are the Ruined Fort of Abbakka Chowta and sixteenth century’s Jain temple. Also visit, the Dargah of Sayed Mohammed Shereful Madani that is said to be at least 400 years old.

  1. Kaup Beach – Near Udupi

Kaup Beach - Beaches in Karnataka

The Kaup Beach is one of the most beautiful Coastal Belts in India that located at a distance of 12 KM away from the Udupi. There are many old things to watch on this beautiful beach such as a 100 Ft High Lighthouse on the small hill that is built by the Britishers in 1901 and Two Temples dedicated to the Goddess Mariamman.

The serene surroundings dotted with the Palm Trees attract lots of tourists from all over the country. Witness the beautiful view of the sunset and engage in activities such as Volleyball or building a Sand Castle.

  1. St. Mary’s Island – Near Malpe

St. Mary's Island - Top Beaches in Karnataka

St. Mary is a group of small islands situated at a distance of 65 KM north of the Mangalore. Take a ride from the Malpe and explore the spectacular beauty of the St. Mary’s Island. It is a beautiful and Uninhabited Island that offers an Endless Coastal Line to the tourists.

There are some very Attractive Beaches in the islands having White Sands, Blue Waters, Coconut Trees and Pleasant Atmosphere. Keep in mind that the island is uninhabited and you can’t stay overnight in the night.

  1. Netrani Beach – Near Murudeshwar

Netrani Island Beach - Beaches in Karnataka

Netrani is one of the most beautiful islands in India that is also famous with the name of Pigeon Island. The major attraction of this beach is the Netrani Beach that is largely unexplored and famous for the Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, and Corals.

Apart from that, you will also get a chance to watch the Endangered Coral Reefs and Exotic Marine Species on the Netrani Beach.

The Beaches in Karnataka offers you the Soothing Sun, the Mouth-Watering Seafood, awesome Water Sports Options and the Golden Sand. You will be able to get Unforgettable Moments that will last fresh in your memories for a long time. It is time to call your few friends and make the plans for a Perfect Beach Vacation.