Adventure Sports are one of the Top Most Trends for the Adventure Lovers in the Travel Industry. There are Thousands of Travelers coming all around the world to enjoy the Adventure Sports in India. A new meaning to the Traveling is offered by these sports and that’s why India is steadily growing as one of the main Destinations for the Adventure Enthusiasts Globally.

Adventure Sports in India -


There are Something Adventurous lies in each part of the country and it can start from the Water, Land or Air. From Trekking in Himachal Pradesh to Mountain Biking in Ladakh, From ATV Ride in Great Rann of Kuch to Scuba Diving in Andaman, India has Lots of Opportunities to offer for the Adventure Lovers.

Best Adventure Sports in India -

In this blog post, we will tell you about all the major Adventure Sports in India available for your next Adventure Trip.


Paragliding in India - Adventure Sports in India


Paragliding is one of the best Adventure Activities In India, which allow the thrill seekers to Fly High and Conquer The Sky. You will get a chance to admire the beauty of the Sunrise and Sunset while Flying in the Sky can turn out to be the most Terrific Moment of anyone’s life. Experience the Landscape Views from The Cliffs while enjoying a Paragliding ride. There are Several Destinations for a Great Paragliding Adventure in India.

Places to enjoy Paragliding in India:

Bir-Billing and Manali – Himachal Pradesh

Mussoorie, Nainital, and Ranikhet – Uttaranchal

Kamshet -Maharashtra

Yelagiri – Tamil Nadu


 Trekking in India - Adventure Sports in India


Trekking is often considered as one of the Most Common Adventure Sports In India.  However, it can become one of the Most Thrilling Activities if you try experimenting at some of best Spine-Chilling Destinations in India. The country is home to some of the Esoteric Mountain Cliffs and that’s why Conquering These Peaks is a Tough Task. India offers the best destinations for trekking ranging from Short And Easy To Difficult trekking.

Places to enjoy Trekking in India:

Himachal Pradesh









Arunachal Pradesh

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River Rafting in India - Adventure Sports in India


India is home to some of the most amazing River Rafting Destinations in the world. This activity has gained a huge popularity among the people in the last couple of years. The participants get a great chance to explore an extreme Adrenaline Rush, which faces the Fiercely Flowing Rivers through the Forests And Gorges. This activity offers a combination of Adventurous Thrill and Beautiful Scenery to the people. It will give you a chance to explore the nature at its best.

Places to enjoy River Rafting in India:

Rishikesh – Uttarakhand

Coorg – Karnataka

Kolad -Maharashtra

Kullu-Manali and Tattapani – Himachal Pradesh

Orchha – Madhya Pradesh

Ladakh – Jammu and Kashmir


Bungee Juming - Adventure Sports in India

Bungee Jumping is one of the top Adventure Sports In India, where the participants can enjoy the thrill of Jumping From A Height of nearly 100 feet. This activity can’t be replaced by any other experience and that’s why there are many Bungee Jumping Camps providing people a chance to experience this adventure. In addition to bungee, these camps also offer the option of Flying-Fox And Swinging. In this type of activity, one end of the elastic cord is Tied To Some Stationary Object at the Jumping Point, whereas another end is Tied To The Body of the person and the person jumps.

Places to enjoy Bungee Jumping in India:

Rishikesh – Uttaranchal

Lonavala – Maharashtra

Bangalore – Karnataka


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Scuba Diving in India - Adventure Sports in India

A Trip to a Whole New World is assured to the people during the Scuba Diving. Presently, the adventure lovers are putting a keen interest in exploring the Underwater World. The participants get a chance to Float with the Marine Creatures without any kind of the fear during the Scuba Diving Session. The destinations offering this adventure sport assures one of the most Amazing Experiences in India.

Places to enjoy Scuba Diving in India:

Andaman & Nicobar Island

Lakshadweep Island

Islands of Netrani – Karnataka



Waterfall Rappelling in India- Adventure Sports in India


There are thousands of people who Get Attracted by the Waterfalls, which is one of the most Astonishing Creations of nature. It is a paradise to explore the beauty of the waterfalls in India. Imagine what will be the level of adventure if one gets a chance to Explore The Waterfalls a little more and deeper. Water Rappelling is a great adventure on the waterfall, which allows people to Go Down the rock and face the Force Of Water on them. The exotic state of Maharashtra offer some Best Options for Water Rappelling in India.

Places to enjoy Waterfall Rappelling in India:

Coorg – Karnataka

Manali – Himachal Pradesh

Vihigaon, Khandala, Vardayini – Maharashtra

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Heli Skiing in India- Adventure Sports In India


India is known to offer some of the best Heli-Skiing Experiences to the people. The popularity of the Heli Skiing is rapidly increasing among all the Adventure Sports Lovers across the world. It is a wonderful way to explore those locations, which Can’t Explore Normally and are Difficult To Reach. In this sport, a Helicopter Drops The Skier to the Skiing Spots, and from there, they have to seek their own ways through the steep slopes of the Snow-Covered Peaks.

Places to enjoy Heli Skiing in India:

Hanuman Tibba, Chanderkhani Pass, Rohtang Pass, Deo Tibba – Himachal Pradesh

Auli and Pithoragarh Uttarakhand

Gulmarg Kashmir

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Parasailing in India - Adventure Sports In India


The people who are looking to witness the Real Beauty Of The Sea and Vibrant Beaches of India should Try Parasailing Once in their life. They will get a chance to sail across the sea along with the wind in their hair and looking at the miniature sized structures. Moreover, there is no need for any special time and training if you are sailing with a trained pilot. However, there is a requirement of training if someone wants to sail on their own.

Places to enjoy Parasailing in India:

Calangute, Baga and Candolim beaches in Goa

Few Beaches of Andaman, Lakshadweep, Kerala, and Karnataka


SkyDiving in India - Adventure Sports In India

SkyDiving is not for the people who are Faint-Hearted and you might hear that jumping out of an airplane with a parachute is nothing more than suicide. However, with the help of Training Programs and Safety Techniques, it is one of the safest adventure sports. You will have the amazing feeling of body cutting through the wind with an awesome Experience Of Freefall. It is a great way to Conquer All Your Fears. But, you must try it with proper training and under the supervision of a professional.

Places to enjoy SkyDiving in India:

Deesa – Gujarat

Aamby Valley – Maharashtra

Dhana – Madhya Pradesh

Pondicherry – Tamil Nadu

Mysore – Karnataka


Zip Lining in India - Adventure Sports In India


Zip Lining is one of the Popular Adventure Sports where one has to Cope with the Thrilling Heights and Speeds, which they can’t even dream of. The experience of Flying Fox consists of Harnessing To A Wire and then the participant Get Released by the Gravity for Rolling Down with the wire. It generally sets up at a Great Height and speed of Acceleration Increases up to 160 KMPH.

Places to enjoy Zip Lining in India:

Kikar Lodge – Punjab

Neemrana Fort – Delhi

Kerwa Dam – Bhopal

Mehrangarh Fort – Jodhpur

Mussoorie Adventure Park – Uttarakhand


Cliff Jumping in India - Adventure Sports In India


It is one of the most famous and Thrilling Adventure Sports In India in which the enthusiasts have to Climb Up The Rock and then Jump Into The River. The participants are geared up with a helmet and a life jacket for avoiding mishaps.

Places to enjoy Cliff Jumping in India:

Bhedaghat – Jabalpur(M.P)

Hampi – Karnataka

Rishikesh -Uttarakhand


Surfing in India - Adventure Sports In India


Imagine yourself Riding On A Surfboard across the Breaking Wave’s Face, it will surely Bring Thrill in your heart. That’s why the surfing has gained a huge Popularity Among The Surfers on the Coastline Of India. The Adventure Seeker will feel the waves and Ride On Them with Great Enthusiasm. There are numerous destinations in India where one can enjoy this adventure sport.

Places to enjoy Surfing in India:

Andaman & Nicobar Islands



Varkala and Kovalam – Kerala

Gokarna – Karnataka

Paradip – Odisha


All Terrain Vehicles Ride - Adventure Sports In India


All Terrain Vehicles or ATV Ride offers an Adventurous Ride to the adventure seekers through the golden sand. This ride will allow the enthusiasts to ride on a Quad Bike, which is driven on Low-Pressure Tires. These vehicles can be driven on any kind of track. It is one of those sporting activity which has gradually made Its Way from the United States to other Parts Of The World. However, don’t forget to carry comfortable shoes, sunglasses, and camera.

Places to enjoy an ATV Ride in India:

Chelavara – Coorg

Nubra Valley – Ladakh

Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Barmer – Rajasthan

Mussoorie – Uttarakhand

Rann of Kuch – Gujarat


Ultralight Flying in India - Adventure Sports In India

Ultralight Flying is a Lightweight Aircraft, which offers an exciting experience to its Participants. This aircraft can reach up to 55 knots in the maximum calibrated aircraft. However, this can only fly at an Altitude Of 5000 Feet. However, there are not too many places to enjoy it in India.

Places to enjoy Ultralight Flying in India:

Coorg and Bangalore – Karnataka


Mountain Biking in India - Adventure Sports In India

Imagine yourself hopping on the Two-Wheeler and Pedal Your Way through a Scenic Background around you. We can assure you that it will the most Satisfying Feeling after the completion of this extraordinary event. This adventure sport is known as the mountain biking. In addition to this, it also doubles up one of the Best Forms Of Exercise with a great range of muscles.

Places to visit Mountain Biking in India:

Himalayan Regions – North Indian and North East Indian States

Mountainous Regions – Kerala and Karnataka


Hot Air Balloning in India- Adventure Sports In India


Nothing can match someone’s adventurous spirit with greater satisfaction than feeling exhilaration while soaring High In The Skies above the lush valleys and mountains. Without any doubt, the Hot Air Ballooning has emerged as one of the hottest Adventure Sports In India. There are many locations throughout the country where one can feel the Adrenaline Rush abroad a Mammoth Hot Air Balloon.

Places to enjoy Hot Air Ballooning in India:

Lonavala – Maharashtra

Hampi – Karnataka

New Delhi  (NCR)

Agra – Uttar Pradesh

Jaipur and Pushkar – Rajasthan


Manali – Himachal Pradesh


Kayaking in India - Adventure Sports In India


Kayaking is one of the must try Adventure Sports In India for the Water Lovers. If someone is looking for a race down Fast Flowing Rapids and navigate Foamy Mountain Rivers, then this sport is best for them. In addition to the Beaches And Rivers, this sport can also be done on lakes. It can be Done In A Group or as an Individual. No matter, what type of kayaking interest you, there are lots of places to do in India.

Places to enjoy Kayaking in India:

Beas River – Himachal

Kali River, Bhagirathi River and Ganga River – Uttarakhand

Teesta River – Sikkim

Kerala Backwaters

Brahmaputra River – Arunachal Pradesh


Standup Paddle Boarding - Adventure Sports In India


Standup Paddle Boarding is one of the best adventure sports in India, which offer a relaxing way to Play On The Water. The adventure lovers can Paddle Ocean Surf or Rivers in an exciting way. In addition a brilliant adventure sport, this activity has also become a popular Cross-Training Activity.

Places to enjoy StandUp Paddling in India:

Vaayu Watermans’s Village – Goa

Himalayan Rivers and Lakes (Custom Tour Packages provided by few Adventure Sports Agencies)


Caving in India - Adventure Sports In India


Caving is a Quirky Adventure Activity where the enthusiasts discover the Cave Systems. The adventure seekers will get a chance to explore the dark caves with only Mud and Rocks for the company. It is usually done in groups, which gives a team activity profile. This activity can practice for enjoyment or exploration.  The Northeastern States of India are home to some of the deepest caves in India and offer a great chance to people looking to explore this activity.

Places to enjoy Caving in India:

Meghalaya and Maharashtra

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Kiteboarding - Adventure Sports In India


Kiteboarding is one of the Most Extreme Water Adventure Sports in India, which consist the main facets of Windsurfing, Gymnastics, Wakeboarding,  and Surfing. The surfer takes the help of a strong wind having a huge Controllable Power Kite. This Kite allows the Surfboard’s Movement on the water.

Places to enjoy Kiteboarding in India:

Rameshwaram Island – Tamil Nadu

Mandwa Beach – Maharashtra

Morjim Beach – Goa

Dwarka – Gujarat

If you are done with the usual Grind of Life, then we believe that you are ready to push yourself to the extreme level by enjoying one of these Adventure Sports in India. You can take Out Your Fear by entertaining yourself with these activities within the country. All the Oceans, Beaches, Mountains and Deserts offer a great opportunity for the Adventure Sports Lovers. Ditch the monotony of your typical life and give yourself a Much-Deserved Vacation. Be ready for an unforgettable experience, but be prepared to Take the Risk.

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